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POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter

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March 2000 - Issue 1

April Get-Together:Our next get-together will be held at the Dorchester Boat Club at 3:00pm on April 9th, 2000. We ask everyone again to bring their favorite dish and the meat, paper goods, drinks and ice will be provided. For those who have not attended yet, the Dorchester Boat Club is located at the Fort Dorchester State Park near Oakbrook in Summerville. The dress is very casual.

If you plan to attend, and please do, send me $5.00 per person by April 1st. This will cover the cost of the Boat Club plus all the other expenses. Mail to: Mary Adams, 821 N. Palmetto Street, Summerville, SC 29483. Anyone is invited to attend.


The last newsletter advertised for someone to take charge of the October outings. No one volunteered. I did receive a note from Steve Curry, who now works at the Gaillard Auditorium. He asked if we would like to meet for a performance at the Auditorium. Several meeting rooms are available for getting together before the performance and during intermission and the food service department would prepare pretty much what we want to eat. If you are interested, please let me know and we will talk to Steve about a show schedule and a time to come. Call me at 873-4596 or E-Mail me at madams1202@aol.com.

News from our Members:

Barbara Stout wrote last September (too late for the newsletter): They have 3 more grandchildren since she left POMFLANT. A little girl, Kaylee, who was 15 months old in September and a set of identical twin girls, Kelsey Paige Fullwood and Kendal Elizabeth Fullwood. They were born 9 weeks early so they were pretty small, 3 lbs and 3 lbs, 4 ozs. They were 9 months old in September and growing everyday. Barbara said she was going through cancer treatment again, and hopefully on the road to recovery.

John Maney wrote that John Campbell (Inspection Supervisor), who had a stroke last July, is back at work and doing great. The only side effect he has is a little equilibrium problem, which is improving every day.

Joel Singletary would like to share a few things new in their lives. "Our newest grandson was born on Feb. 7, 2000. He is the third child of our son Erik, and his wife, Jeannie. Tyler Joel was born in Phoenix where Erik is stationed at Luke Air Force Base. Erik's family has lived in Phoenix for almost five years. We hope his next assignment brings him a little closer. Our daughter, Kim, married a wonderful man, Tom Reeves, from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. They live in New Orleans, LA, where they have bought a beautiful home on the West Bank. They are already involved in the New Orleans social life, having just attended their first Mardi Gras Ball. Tom is a Project Manager for Gibbs Construction, and he and Kim are presently finishing a hotel on Lake Ponchatrain, and just starting construction of a $44 million Marriott in the French Quarter. Kim works for the same firm, and serves as an Administrative Assistant for Tom. Obviously the firm has somewhat different rules regarding married couples working together than our government jobs offered. They work well together as a team. Libby and I visited New Orleans in November and look forward to another visit soon.

This is the year Libby and I celebrate our 40th anniversary. For our anniversary, we have booked a cruise with Norwegian, leaving Seattle September 3rd, and touring the Alaskan coast. If anyone is interested in going on a one week Glacier Bay trip, they can contact us at joelsing@citcom.net for information. Our past four cruises with the line have all been great values, and we are getting repeat customer discounts. I guess cruises have been our favorite vacations. Libby and I continue to work for the firms we have been with for some time. I was promoted (likely for the last time in my second career since I am not interested in a store manager position) to a regional buyer for the Builders FirstSource. I am now traveling some in the new position. I work for five stores in the western NC and northeast GA areas. I attend buyers markets and shows several times a year, looking for new products in the building industry and taking advantage of sale prices on building materials, tools, etc. I purchase most of the materials for my five stores, and that keeps me busy every day. Libby continues to work for the regional TORO distributor. She is presently competing in sales incentive programs for a one week trip to a Caribbean resort in December and a one week stay on the Kona coast in January 2001. Needless to say, I give her pep talks every day! Please write us or e-mail us when you have an opportunity. We would love to see all of you again, and we are making plans to be in Charleston on April 9th."

CDR Gil Shaddock, USN RET writes that he resides in Florida and spends most of his time on the computer. He is very active in the local submariner group. The rest of his time is spent doing "Honey Do's".

Rosalie and Jim Lawrence sent an update on their lives: Rosalie is resigning from her part time job, after 3 years. She needed more time off, and she and Jim want to do some traveling. This year they are a planning a trip to visit some of Rosalie's family in upstate NY, a trip to Knoxville, TN to attend their 12th straight reunion of the USS WHITEHURST (DE-634), a trip to Cleveland, OH and finally, a trip to Hawaii in November.

Jim continues to enjoy his retirement after 45 ˝ years of government service. He keeps busy with "honey-do's", volunteers 4 hours per week at the WPNSTA Retired Affairs Office, and is commencing his 17th year as a SC State Constable, working one day per week with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Department, on a volunteer basis. We are both still in relatively good health, for which we are truly thankful, and are enjoying our new home. Looking forward to seeing everyone on April 9th.

Alysia Lucas writes: "I'm looking forward to some warm spring days tooling around in my new Miata (hard work and clean living DO pay off)!! Also, I'd like to congratulate Grady Woodard on his new speaking career with the Berkeley County School District. Grady's talks are sparking interest in science, engineering and space exploration. He is a particular hit among the "gifted and talented" set. Keep up the good work!"

Bill Buckley, CDR, USN RET writes that he has retired for the second time and has been living in Savannah for a little over 2 years. Loves retirement and wishes he could have done it 30 years ago.

Teresa (Cook) Belsky is currently a registered nurse working at Trident Medical Center in Charleston as a Director of Orthopedics/Neurology. John Veyera sent some news: "No new grandchildren since I last wrote. However, those already 'on the ground' are developing quite well and fast! We go to visit the out of town ones about every five to six weeks. We have come to know Columbus, GA almost as well as we know Charleston. Stafford, VA is the other 'second home'. Through the marvels of the internet I am in contact with my former secretary in Ansbach, Germany and the Deputy Burgermeister in St. Leon, Germany where we lived for three and a half years while assigned to the 26th Support Group in Heidelberg. The correspondence is quite interesting. Seems some Germans know more about what is going on in American politics that many Americans do.

Son Stephen, a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI, graduated from the British Army School of Ammunition, NATO, Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Course in Kineton, England. He is assigned to the Domestic Anti-terrorist Unit at FBI Headquarters.

We will attend the WWII D-Day commemoration ceremonies in New Orleans in June. A good friend who participated in the landings at Omaha Beach on 6 June 1944 invited us to his unit's reunion and the museum's opening!"

Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald continue their meandering wherever! They spent the summer in Savannah, GA and on up to Radford, VA for Oct/Nov. They attended the home games for Virginia Tech and subsequently went to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Spent 5 weeks in Pensacola, FL and now are in Avon Park, FL for the rest of the winter.

Sad News About Our Friends: Since our last newsletter, we have lost some from our family.

Hugh Herrick - died in September 1999. He was a retired Navy Senior Chief and a retired inspector with POMFLANT.
Robert Maurer - died in December 1999. He was head of the Administration Department when he worked at POMFLANT. He was 75 years old.
Herbert Bishop - died in December 1999. He was a general foreman before his retirement from POMFLANT. He was 65 years old.
Eugene Brooks - died in December 1999. He was a retired supply foreman with POMFLANT. He was 71 years old.
Frank M. Jones - died in December 1999. He was a retired inspector at POMFLANT. He was 75 years old.
Russell Lowell - died in December 1999. He was a retired traffic manager with Lockheed. He was 76 years old.
Robert B. Antley, Sr. - died in January 2000. While at POMFLANT, he served as a Property Manager in the Planning Department. He was 60 years old.
Danny Knight - died in February 2000. He worked for Lockheed. He was 77 years old.

Please continue to let me know about the deaths of our POMFLANT friends.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

Please send us some information for the next newsletter. Without your input, I have nothing to write about. Those that have not written, please share with us what is happening in your lives: jobs, children, grandchildren, travel, marriages, divorces, etc. If you have provided information in the past, continue to do so. We love to hear from you.



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