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29 March 1960 - 05 January 1995

POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter

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September 1999 - Issue 2

Did everyone have a great summer? Now that it is over, we can concentrate on football games, ice hockey, Thanksgiving and Christmas. My, how time flies. Seems like it was only yesterday when we left POMFLANT. On the 9th of September, an article in The Post and Courier stated that the last motor was pulled out of the "former" POMFLANT at 10:48am on Wednesday the 8th of September. This closed the book on 40 years of Low Country history. For those of you that did not see the article, it will be placed in our scrapbook for you to read at the April get-together.

I have been approached by several people to start again doing two outings a year. An idea that comes to mind is to have another member or several members, working together, plan the October outings. It would be advertised and promoted just as we do now. If someone out there would like to take on this project please let me know. We need to get some new ideas anyway about "where to meet and what to eat".

News from the information provided by our members:

Marilyn Thomas brought us up to date on what is going on in her life. She writes: "I got married last year to Neal Roland. Neal graduated from the University of Oklahoma but has lived in Orange Park, FL since 1973. He retired last year from the Naval Aviation Depot (NADEP) as a GS-15 Engineer with 37 years civil service. He is a very nice man with a great personality, very laid back and calm. He has two sons and three granddaughters. I am still working at the NADEP in the TQL office. I have been promoted to GS-11 since I came here. There are about 4100 employees at NADEP. My daughters are doing great! Wendi will graduate from the College of Charleston in August and Robin will graduate from the University of South Carolina in May 2000. Both have turned out to be wonderful young ladies. My dad is Claude Thomas (who worked in the Planning Department). He is 75 and doing well. When in Charleston, I stay with my dad. My E-Mail is nealr@bellsouth.net. My address is 1715 Shoreline Place, Orange Park, FL 32073."

Tina Durham writes: "I enjoy the POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter but I do wonder why the Supply Department former employees do not send in information for the newsletter. I would also like to get the Newsletter more often but realize that is not an easy job getting all the news together.

My son, Tom (artist sculptor) is now in New Orleans. He spent the last five years here. My grandson, John, will soon be back at CSU for his second year. He has worked with the Baptist as a Junior Minister preaching in SC during the summer. I am still at Trident Hospital as a volunteer. I see from time to time former POMFLANT employees visiting the hospital.

I stay busy with my yarn making pretty things. I worked at the MenRiv Library for about six years as a volunteer but can't seem to find the time lately to help out there but still go as often as I can.

I still love my yard sales and have two or three a year. I visit the Goose Creek School parking lot yard sales almost every Saturday and see lots of things I don't need but sure do like."

Rosalie Lawrence retired from POMFLANT in September 1994, with 32 years of federal service as a WG-13, Electronic Missile Systems Inspector. She went back to work a couple of years ago and works two part time jobs. Her husband, Jim, a retired Navy Chief, is now commencing his 46th year of federal service as Security Manager for the Weapons Station Security Department. After 26 years in the same house, they recently purchased and moved into a new home in Goose Creek. Rosalie has continued to keep in touch with two former POMFLANT employees, A.R. Brown and Marvin Campbell. A.R. lived in Iva, SC (close to Anderson) and Marvin and his wife live in the Spartanburg area. Several former POMFLANT employees also get together on Wednesday's of each week for breakfast at Shoney's on Ashley Phosphate Road, at 9:30am.

During 1998, Rosalie, as a member of TOPS, was successful in losing 52 pounds, (the most for any member in the state). She was crowned the "TOPS" Queen for the State of South Carolina. For this achievement she was awarded an all-expense trip to the National TOPS Convention in Milwaukee.

During 1998, they attended Jim's 11th ship's reunion USS WHITEHURST (DE 634) in Knoxville, a reunion of the USS NICHOLAS (DD 449) in Reno, Rosalie's High School reunion in Kinderhook, NY, and went on the POMFLANT Alumni Cruise to the Western Caribbean in October, along with their daughter, Kim.

Their daughter, Kimberly Posten, is currently one of 3 assistant store managers at Belks in Summerville. Son, Jimmy graduated from Francis Marion University in May of 1998, is now teaching 3rd grade at Boulder Bluff Elementary School (where he went to elementary school). Jimmy purchased Rosalie and Jim's former home in Colonial Heights, where he will be right across the road from the school.

Their travel in 1999 included the WHITEHURST reunion in June, the Southern 500 at Darlington and plans are to do a possible Amtrak trip to upstate NY (to visit Rosalie's brother and sister) in late December.

Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald have been in Savannah, GA since May but will be leaving shortly. They have been performing volunteer services at Skidaway Island State Park. From there, they will travel to a 3-day campground host meeting (sponsored by Coca-Cola) and on to Claytor Lake Park in VA for Nov. and Dec. They have no plans beyond Dec. Decisions are difficult; so much to do when retired. They wish all the very best. Some day they will be near enough to attend a get-together. They enjoy the pictures on the POMFLANT web site.

Harold Head sent some information about himself: "I worked in the Cal Lab (TSB) from February 1977 until September 1994. At that time, I accepted a position at (what was then) NAVELEX. I always said that POMFLANT was the best place in the world to work but I will tell you that this place (now called SPAWAR) runs a close second. As good as it is, I am still planning on retiring in near future. My E-Mail address is headh@spawar.navy.mil and I invite all to write to me and tell me about them."

Bill and Betty Brandhorst are now living in Crowfield Plantation. They moved into their new home in May and are settled at last. Bill was transferred back to POMFLANT from SWFLANT to complete the closure to POMFLANT. He will be retiring from Lockheed Martin on the 14th of January 2000. At that time, the POMFLANT and SWFDET operations will finally be completely closed.

Mary Ann Tobin writes "The Tobin's are trying to stay cool on Amelia Island, FL. We are going to Maine the first week in October. I understand it is going to be very cool and we can hardly wait. We enjoyed the pictures on the web site from the last two get-togethers so very much."

CDR G. (Gil) P. Shaddock, USN, Retired writes: "I served at POMFLANT from 1974-1977 as the REB Officer. I retired from the Navy on 1 May 1980 after 31 years. My wife and I now live in Satellite Beach, FL. I spend most of my time playing on the computer and taking care of the affairs of The United States Submarine Veterans Base of which I am the Base Commander. I will be attending their National Convention in Reno, NV this month."

Jerry Beckley writes that he in the process of retirement after 51 years with the federal government. He currently works for the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition, at the Washington Navy Yard. "I now have 9 grandchildren and one great-grandson. My youngest son, James, graduated this past year from Longwood College and has returned for his teacher's certificate to teach high school biology. Two of my other sons retired from the Navy and Air Force during the past 4 years. My plans for a final home are not firm at the moment, nor is my retirement date. I hope to see my SC friends soon."

Mark & Cindy Dixon writes: "We have good and bad news for the newsletter. The bad news is that Cindy's Dad died on June 24th. He passed out and hit his head, which caused a blood clot on his brain. They operated on him 4 times in the three weeks he was in the hospital, but each operation made him weaker and finally he was unable to recover.

The good news is that we found Mark's birth mother. She lives in Atlanta and is interested in getting to know Mark and his family. Her family is from Dillon, SC and she even has relatives in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. It is a small world. If she had been discovered while we lived there, we could have gotten to know her then. Maybe we will get down to visit again now that Mark's mother lives nearby."

Roy and Lillian Salladin writes: Lillian is president of the South Berkeley Seniors, a group of 101 seniors throughout Berkeley County. They meet at the South Berkeley Senior Center in Goose Creek on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. They have a great time.

Francis Archibald, a 40-year resident of Hanahan, and the civilian security director at the Weapons Station and POMFLANT from 1960 to 1966, is a candidate for the SC House of Representatives, District 99. Archie represented the district, which includes Hanahan, Goose Creek and Daniel Island, in the State House from 1980 to 1985. He was the legislator who led the change in a decades old law to give all retirees a $3,000 income tax deduction. This has since grown to $11,500. Archie has already proposed four new ideas to help seniors cope with the total state tax burden. Anyone wishing to help in the campaign of Arch may contact him at 553-1607 fax at 797-5746 or E-Mail at archinsc@innova.net. (Archie is a new member of our alumni).

Doug Jimenez writes: "Dee and I had a baby boy on April 29th. He is Douglas Walter Jimenez, Jr. but goes by "DJ". Doug and Dee now live at 3174 Stanyarne Drive, Charleston, SC 29414."

Helen Cash and husband Carroll have been busy with their foreign exchange students! They are now hosting their 18th student, and still loving it! In June, they said farewell to Isabelle, their 16 year old Canadian daughter, and Rodrigo, their 17 year old Brazilian son. Isabelle was a delight - a bright student - fun and perky and crazy. Rodrigo was "Joe Cool" - and a soccer fanatic and a great guitar player. In July, Helen and Carroll visited for two weeks with Isabelle and her sister and parents in Canada. They attended a week long International Folk Festival with lots of music, food and dancing. They plan to visit Rodrigo in Brazil in December - the middle of the summer! In July, they had visitors - Tenna, a friend from Denmark, and Greg, their Swiss son from 1994. In August, they welcomed their new student, Marcel, a 16 year old German boy. Marcel already loves grits, the weather, and the swimming pool. He is an avid tennis player, and will be a strong presence on the Stratford High School tennis team. In September, Eric from the Netherlands arrived for a week. Eric was their student in 1988-1989, and he and his parents have visited before. Helen says it is so amazing to see their 16 year old Dutch boy now - as a 27 year old grown man with a job and a home! Time sure flies when you are having fun. Helen and Carroll will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on Oct. 5 - and who said it wouldn't last.

Jo Smith enjoyed a trip out west in August. She and some friends flew to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and toured Wyoming, Montana and a small portion of South Dakota. A highlight of the trip was visiting Mt. Rushmore. As with most trips, the highlight was coming back home.

John Veyera writes: "Alice and I continue to do a lot of traveling between Charleston, Columbus, GA and Stafford, VA. Have to keep up with the grandkids. They grow too quickly and we miss them if we stay away too long.

Our 51st anniversary was Tuesday, 14 Sept. and it will be a memorable one. That was the day we evacuated the city. All our long standing plans went by the wayside to sit in traffic for 12 hrs. & 50 min. on our way to daughter Christine's home in Columbus. Never, never again!

Christine has 2 children; daughter 3 ½ and son 14 months. Her husband resigned from the Army 2 years ago to work in the computer field as a consultant. Chris is on the board of the Junior League in Columbus and the Columbus Historical Society.

Jacqueline lives in Charleston and has 1 daughter, Elizabeth, who will be 3 in November. Her husband is in law enforcement with the state and she works at the hospital credit union. We get to see little Elizabeth at least twice a week.

Son, Stephen, is a Supervisory Special Agent and Chief of the Bomb Data Center, Investigative Response Section, in the Laboratory Division, at FBI Headquarters. He has gotten many awards with the FBI and was a key investigator in the World Trade Center bombing while stationed in NYC. He travels frequently both overseas and in this country. He was in Charleston for a presentation at the "South Carolina Weapons of Mass Destruction Conference" in late August and the family spent a few days with us. He and his wife live in Stafford, VA with their 3 children, sons 21 and 7 & a daughter 16.

Youngest son, David, lives near Athens, GA and works for an industrial supply and tool company. His free time is spent on three passions….hunting, fishing or coaching baseball. He also does fishing lure painting and works in a hobby shop. He is close to the mountains and he makes the most of it. His girlfriend lives in Charleston so it wouldn't be a surprise if he moved back here.

Sad News About Our Friends Since our last newsletter, we have lost some from our family:

Pressley Lambert - died in March 1999. He was 68 years old.

William P. Stephens (Myrna Stephens' husband) - died in March 1999. He was 69 years old. Myrna worked in the Comptroller Department.

Roberto Suniga - died in April 1999. He was an inspector at ICPB and was 58 years old.

Hilton Laidlaw - died in August 1999. He was a supervisory inspector at CRB and was a retired Navy Chief.

Joel Newman wrote about some deceased LMSC personnel: Marshall Barrs, R.T. Thornton, Bob Stripling and Gene Lappe. Some of these we mentioned in earlier newsletters. (Please continue to let me know about the deaths of our POMFLANT friends.)

Hugh Herrick, a very faithful POMFLANT Alumni Member, is gravely ill. He is resting at home with Hospice care. Please remember his family in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time in their lives. Lauretta Herrick's e-mail address is

Please keep Ron Thomas
Thunderer@leading.net and John Maney maneyj@bellsouth.net up to date on your E-Mail addresses. At the present time, we have bad E-Mail addresses for the following people: Susan Stafford, Martin Johnson, Dennis Graham, Richard Alfano and Roy Carson.

Also, Ron needs Snail Mail addresses for Dick O'Brien, Mark Bartleson, and Sherry Bath to mail patches.

Remember the POMFANT Web Address is: www.camcomp.com/users/ses/pomf/index.html

Other Activities: Several members have asked me about planning a cruise to Alaska for 2000 or 2001. I need to know if there is enough interest before I start planning this trip. Either call me at 873-4596 or send an e-mail to madams1202@aol.com.
Charles Giet is planning a 7-night Western Caribbean Cruise next year out of Tampa, FL with Ports of Call at Grand Cayman, Cozumel and New Orleans. The price is $649.75 for an inside cabin and $769.75 oceanview cabin. This does not include air but does include all port and federal taxes. If you are interested in this, call Charles at 873-1169.

Have a great holiday season and take care of yourselves until we meet in April.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

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