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September 2000 - Issue 2

For those of you that did not attend our April get-together, you missed a great time. It is always so good to see those "we worked with daily for so long" and now "do not see at all" unless we attend or happen to "just run into them". It is hard to believe that another summer is over and we now get to plan for all the wonderful things that require lots of work like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hope this letter finds you and your families well and happy. I am tentatively planning the get-together in 2001 for April 14th. Please let me know of any ideas you have for these events.

News from our Members:

Jim Bates wrote "I want to thank all of you who have sent warm wishes and prayers for my recovery after my two recent operations!! A humbling experience like mine shows the importance of family and friends and confirms again what we learned as small children about the Good Shepherd who watches over each of us.

For a little over four months, I had been assured that the chest pains I had last Thanksgiving in Kentucky were really only an infection of the lining of the lung. It turned out that I had an abdominal aortic dissection. (Simply put, it was a de-lamination of the layers of my aorta.) First, after a heart catheter, I needed four bypasses. Then two months later, a dycron replacement for my aorta. After the second operation, both the surgeon and the assisting surgeon came to tell me that they did not know how I had lived with this condition.

As I gradually lost 25 pounds from lack of appetite, I would note each day that my face was shrinking and that my ears were getting bigger, and bigger and bigger. So if you see this vaguely familiar skinny guy with big ears, it's me."

Bob Henderson and his wife wrote that they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently at the Holiday Inn. Bob was head of the Comptroller Department before his etirement. They have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.
Carol Neimeyerwrote that she has been trying her hand at writing again. She entered a poem to the International Library of Poetry which was published in their "America At The Millennium". It was awarded the "Editor's Choice" award.
John Maney and his wife Janet wrote that they were blessed with their twelfth grandchild on May 24th and they have another due in December. Their son-in-law Jon McClellan, FTB2/FTB1 … REB and ICPB Guidance section … received his Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems this past year. He retired from the Navy in the Spring, and moved back to the East Coast. He is working for Lockheed just outside of Washington, DC.
Clyde Anderson wrote "In January of this year we traveled for 2 weeks with our friends from Thailand in their Conversion Van (with their driver doing all the driving). We visited: Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Little Rock, AR; Branson, MO; and St. Louis, MO. In February, our son, David came home from Kuwait after being gone for eight months. This year, both of our granddaughters celebrated their 1st birthday. They were born within eight days of each other. Mary Lucille Stewart in Atlanta and Allyn Elizabeth Anderson in Columbia. Our grandsons are now 5 and 6. We baby sit quite a lot now and enjoy every minute of it.

In addition to many trips to Atlanta and Columbia, we went to Aliquippa, PA for my Family Reunion on July 4th. In October, we are going to Cincinnati and Cleveland, OH for several days. Looking forward to our next get-together!"

Cindy Dixon wrote "I have good news for this years newsletter. Joey (my son) is now in the third grade and is happy to be back in school. He was voted most athletic in his class last year. His baseball team, that Mark (his dad) helped coach, took first place in their district and division. But, what Joey is excited about the most is, he is going to finally get a baby brother in January. Everyone is excited about the new baby.

Mark's birth mother came up from Atlanta to visit for a few days in August. Mark met her (for the first time) last October, but this was the first for Joey and me. It was a great time, we even had a party and our friends told her stories about Mark. She had a wonderful time."

Alysia Lucas wote she left her job with Dr. Woodside on May 5th and is now working from home as one of those "online investors", thereby putting her finance and accounting experience to work. So far, so good. Also, she is currently serving a one-year term as Board Chairman of South Carolina Federal Credit Union, which also keeps me pretty busy.
Angela Williams wrote "A little news about me. No, I'm not married yet. I'm still waiting on Mr. Right. I have adopted a son. He is 14 years old (no, I'm not crazy, I do remember the teenage years - help me Lord). His name is Antwain and he has been a foster child with my mother since he was 9 years old. Everything was final on September 1st. I'm also a foster mom. I have a total of 4 boys (my three foster kids are brothers so that makes it easy). I just can't handle the girls.

Last, but definitely not least, I am studying to be an Evangelist. I'll have my Trial Sermon sometime next year."

Doug Jimenez wrote that he and his wife Dee are expecting their SECOND child in late October or early November.
Fortrena Haskell-Alston wrote that she is currently working as a Legal Assistant to Derwin T. Brannon @ Pratt-Thomas, Pearce, Epting & Walker in downtown Charleston. She is also a part-time ndependent Princess House Lifestyle Consultant where she meet lots of people, attend meetings and rallies with other consultants throughout the world. She gets free travel trips and lots of crystal.

Her son, Ryan, is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. He is 5'4" already. She helps her Dad raise her youngest sister's twins (boy & girl). Her sister was killed in a car accident in 1996. The twins are 15. Trina's mother passed away in 1998 with a massive heart attack. Trina says she will be 40 years of age on November 20th.

Paula Tumbleston Baker wrote "Josh and I have moved to a new home in Legend Oaks. Our new address is 203 Green View Court, Summerville, SC 29485. We have a new baby girl, Lindsey, born in May. She is truly a blessing."
Nicky and Brenda Nix wrote that they are still living in Ridgeville, SC. Brenda is still working at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC and Nicky is at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA. They only have five more years until retirement. They are coming back to Charleston just as fast as they can get here after they retire.

They have a beautiful little grandson, Hunter, who is eight months old. He was born to their daughter, Sherry on 13 January 2000. He was born on his great- grandfathers (Brenda's dad) birthday. They never knew it could be so wonderful to be grandparents. Hunter is the sweetest little angel in the whole wide world (would you say Brenda is a little prejudice?) Sherry is still living in Charleston and works for a contractor at SPAWAR. She keeps in contact with several of the POMFLANT Alumni through her work. Daughter, Wendy works on Hilton Head and still lives at home. They love having her home with them.

Nicky and Brenda play golf when they aren't playing with Hunter. It is kind of hard to fit golf into their schedule when all they want to do is play with Hunter.

Leo Fracasso (Pete) wrote "I put in two tours at POMFLANT. APR 68 to APR 70 in ICPB as an FTB 1 (SS) and APR 75 to SEP 77 as an FTBC (SS) at ICPB. I retired in SEP 77 from the Navy and in APR 78 started working again at POMFLANT with General Electric Ordnance Systems. I worked for Frank Emerson (Mgr.) and Paul Pietsch (Super) in MAB-1 on C4 Missile support. Stayed at POMFLANT until OCT 93 and then transferred to Puget Sound shipyard. Was there until I retired in JUN 99.
Steve Curry wrote "I'm just finishing up my second year of employment at the Gaillard Auditorium and I still enjoy my job very much. The highlight of this past season was having eight "Riverdance" performances in late June and early July. What a wonderful show it was. I also had the pleasure of meeting George Carlin when he was here for a performance and I also got a nice autographed poster from Richard Chamberlain when he was here performing in "The Sound of Music". I hope to see some of you at future performances at the auditorium. In addition to the Charleston Symphony and Charleston Concert Association shows coming up, we will also be having "STOMP", "Man of LaMancha" (starring Jack Jones), and "Fame". I still work part time as an usher at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center and will begin my 5th year there in October. In my spare time, I serve on the Board of Trustees of the America Street Foundation which is a part of Charleston Affordable Housing. One of the founders of the America Street Foundation was Atlantic Records recording artist Edwin McCain. Some of you might know Edwin's music. He had a big hit named "I'll Be". That song became the theme song for the hit TV series, Dawson's Creek.

My daughter, Elaina, is now residing in Virginia Beach and just recently resumed her college studies. Her major is Child Psychology and she is very determined to get her degree. She thoroughly enjoys working with children. And speaking of children, she and her soon to be husband recently announced to me that she is pregnant with their first child. I'm very happy for both of them and pretty excited about becoming a grandparent for the 1st time. Elaina, and her fiancée, Scott Hunter, will be married on Saturday, November 25th at the gazebo on the Battery here in Charleston. The reception will be in the Jessamine Room at the Gaillard Auditorium. They will reside in Virginia Beach where they will both continue with their studies. The baby is due around St. Patrick's Day. I always look forward to keeping in touch with all of my POMFLANT friends."

Mike Cosgrove wrote "I am now married to a wonderful lady, Dona, who has blessed me with 10 grandkids, 8 of which were mine on our wedding day four years ago on September 28th. She also has just recently graduated from college and is teaching 2nd grade here. I retired from POMFLANT in 88 and began working here at Kings Bay for Lockheed, now Lockheed Martin, as an Ordnance Mechanic. I am looking forward to retiring again and will hopefully stay retired and enjoy my interests and hobbies and of course the kids and grandkids."
Paul & Deborah Weaver wrote "Our first grandbaby was born May 28th. His name is Skyler Lee Robbins. Parents are Alice and Phillip Robbins of Irving, Texas. I have accepted a position with Boeing/NASA in the Engineering and Test Group at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL."
Bob Reynolds (POMFLANT 1974 to 1991) wrote "I have now been retired for two and a half years from my final tour at SWFPAC, Lockheed Engineering (1991 - 1998). Retirement is very similar to working ..computer stuff all day long. Only now, it is making good money in trading stocks on the Internet. Fortunately, I have Social Security coming in regularly.

Mary and I spent seven months last winter in Florida where the rain is a lot more scarce than in the Seattle area in the winter. Enjoyed being near the three children and nine grand-children so much that we are now going to retire in DeLand, Florida just as soon as we can sell our house. We have grandchild #10 on the way in December. Our youngest son, David, enlisted in the Navy last January at the age of 30. He is married with 3 children."

Timothy Hershey wrote "My name is Timothy Hershey and I was stationed on POMFLANT from 86 to 89 as a Marine Sentry, mostly at Post 7 and 7B. I am still in the Marine Corps Reserve drilling 2 weekends a month. I also work for the Pennsylvania State Police out of Harrisburg, PA. I am not married but looking. I loved Charleston and love to visit when I can. It is where I learned about living on my own and a lot about life as an 18 year old kid away from home for the first time.

If anyone has any pictures of Marines on duty, please post them. We need more pictures on the WebSite. I love seeing the old base again!"

Gil Shaddock wrote that he continues to stay busy with the United States Submarine Veterans group in Florida. He communicates on the Internet with some of the other POMFLANT military alumni: John Kennedy, Bill Hines, Bill Buckley, Don LaVelle, Jerry Bottoroff and Jack Ensminger. If anyone knows the where abouts of Bobbie who was the secretary in the REB shop, he would like to hear from you. Bobbie married one of the sailors in the REB shop by the name of John Aragay. Please E-Mail Gil.
Joe Prinski wrote a note saying that he was planning a trip to Charleston in August to show his children Charleston and to visit a friend he had worked with at POMFLANT. Joe was a GMT3/2/1 1971-1979.
Robert Marangelli wrote that he just hit the magic 62 and has started drawing Social Security, still getting free therapy at MUSC by acting as test dummy for their physical and occupational therapy classes. The scans of his arteries show no change from the last 6 months so the doctor won't see him again for 6 months. He went to the Cumberland State Park in Kentucky last month. His wife's sister and her husband built a fantastic home on the Cumberland Lake. The lake is 110 miles long. Spent one day on the lake in their boat where everyone but Bob put on their lifejackets and jumped in the lake to cool off. He will jump with them, when his left hand gets useable again.
Harry King wrote "Era and I are still here in North Augusta. On the 29th of September, I will be 70 years old and on the 26th of October, Era will also be 70. On the 5th of October we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

This year we took a cruise to the Bahamas on The Big Red Boat with about 30 people from Era's church.

Era went on a missionary trip to Honduras for 12 days to work at a retreat for the Honduran missionaries. I just stayed home.

Our daughter, Cherill is going to be visiting us over our anniversary. She and Kenny (our young 40 year old son) live together in LA County (the land of fruits and nuts) California, while our eldest, Bryon, lives near Cottageville, SC.

We have 2 grands, Bryon Jr. and Lori. We love retirement and don't work anywhere but around the house. We love company. Y'all come."

Jerry Beckley srote that he has retired and moved to Ridgeway, Virginia with his wife, Sandi. They bought a very nice retirement home and have begun to travel a little. E-Mail Jerry at his new E-Mail address:beckley2@intelos.net.
Connie Hill wrote "Thought I would drop a line to let you know about the latest love of our lives. Her name is Madison Lynn Bacote and she was born on 2/20/2000. (cool birthday). Prouder grand-parents you have never seen. Gene and I are so thrilled with this little bundle of joy. She weighed in at 10lbs 13ozs and was 22 inches long. She was even a week early. Cindy did very well and she is such a good mother. In the six months that Madison has been here, we haven't even thought about spoiling her. (ha ha) She is such a happy little girl and has brought so much joy to all our lives.

I am still working at SPAWARSYSCEN in the Finance Department. It certainly is no POMFLANT. I wish I could retire today, but I still have five years to go.

Gene, of course, retired from the Naval Shipyard Fire Department and now works about 6 hours a day at Alston Middle School in Summerville. He is off every summer and all of the school breaks so he really enjoys it.

We live out in the country in the Lebanon Community. We love it so much. We have a couple of horses which Cindy and I ride. Gene was born and raised out here, so it was coming home for him when we made the move from Summerville."

Buddy Gaillard wrote "I am still racing motorcycles and will compete in two events in SC in September. We play a lot of golf and travel around the south all summer. All is well with us and we are still enjoying retirement to the maximum. I hope to attend one of the POMFLANT get togethers in the future."
Charlie Young wrote "Current position: Manager, FAA System Support Center, Charleston, SC. Family Additions: Grandson born 8/12/2000, Patrick Faulkner Baird, son of daughter Stephanie and her husband Wally, their first."
W. H. "Bill" Riddleberger wrote "I have retired from Aerojet General after being one of the original crew in 1960 to open POMFLANT. Our contract was completed on our Rocket Motors for Polaris in 1969 and I left there and was hired by General Electric Large Steam Turbine at Ladson, and stayed there ten years. Vested with them after ten years when they closed and moved operations back to Schnectady, NY. I remained in Summerville and retired from both companies in 1998. During the eighties and nineties, I managed my own company in the field of Private Law Enforcement in South Carolina and have been too busy to retire. I have written and published a few small things in the past but wanted you folks to know my first hard back, non-fiction book is due off the press now and will be available from my office in Summerville first and then at some local book stores and at invited signings which are now being scheduled. Entitled "ODYSSEY of an American Man". Filed under Library of Congress Control Number. 00 092434 and ISBN 0 9703106-0-9.

An 'overview' is as follows:

As a young boy from the Blue Ridge Mountains, a scant distance from Appalachia, Bill Riddleberger witnessed the 'hardships' brought on by the "Great Depression", which had an adverse effect on the folks who lived through it. To be a survivor, the weak bodied had to grow stronger, the less thoughtful had to become wiser. Many kind hearts hardened in order to survive. Work was scarce. Any job was taken with appreciation by adults and/or children and done with a sense of pride. This traumatic era became known for its demonstrative "work ethic". As a child, absorbing it all, Bill's dreams and goals began forming.

This is his story, which began in the Virginia Mountains, to the Texas Plains and later to the California Shores. Eventually his journey brought him to the Low Country of South Carolina. Follow along the trail of his life, which unfolds in short adventure stories blended with poetry. Involve yourself in One Man's Quest of the American Dream…of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about this and a good portion is about people and events in the South Carolina Low Country." E-Mail me: Bill Riddleberger.

Rosalie Lawrence wrote "Rosalie and Jim continue to enjoy their retirement. Rosalie only works 1 day a week at a consignment shop in Summerville and Jim keeps busy with various projects. He is in his 18th year as a SC State Constable and rides weekly with one of the Berkeley County Detectives, and one of the Department of Natural Resources officers, oftentimes in the law enforcement boats on Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion. Also, Jim puts in 4 hours every Thursday as a volunteer in the Retired Affairs Office at the Weapons Station. Our daughter, Kimberly continues as one of the Area Sales Managers for the new Belk's at Citadel Mall, and son, Jimmy is commencing his 3rd year of teaching 3rd grade at Boulder Bluff Elementary plus he taught summer school.

We have done some traveling this year; a trip to Jacksonville, FL in February, a trip to Tennessee and Kentucky in March, where we toured the Saturn factory in Spring Hill, TN and the Louisville Slugger factory/museum in Louisville, KY (where Jim was raised). We attended our 13th reunion of the USS WHITEHURST (DE-634) in Knoxville in June, and in July, Rosalie and Kim attended two Braves vs Mets games in Atlanta. Rosalie, Jim and Jimmy are going to the Southern 500 in Darlington on Labor Day, and in early September, Rosalie and Jim are attending the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association convention in Albany, NY (only about 30 miles from where Rosalie grew up), and we plan on visiting with some of her family while there. On 2 October, Rosalie and Jim will be driving up to Renfro Valley, KY to attend the George Jones concert, and in November, we will be going to Hawaii. Jim was there on a Destroyer in 1960/1961, but Rosalie has never been, so it will really be an exciting trip. We'll be staying at the Armed Forces Resort Hotel (Hale Koa), on Wakiki Beach, and have booked tours and shows each day. Also, we'll be visiting with a retired Navy Captain, who Rosalie worked for at NAS Pensacola.

On our trip back from KY and TN, we stopped in Iva SC to visit with A.R. Brown (who has had some knee trouble) and then later on this Spring, he came here twice, and attended our breakfast with the POMFLANT group. Many of us still get together as often as we can, at Shoney's, on Ashley Phosphate Road at 9:30 on Wednesday mornings."

Grady Woodard wrote "GRADY WOODARD WINS NATIONAL SAMARITAN AWARD - A recent event found six area police departments officers with a State helicopter bombarding Grady's St. James Estates neighborhood doing car searches looking for a home intrusion fugitive. With crime raging in their neighborhood, a carjacking, murder, robbery, burglary, vandalism, theft of vehicles and vehicle break-ins, caused the homeowners to unite.

Grady led his neighbors in organizing their fight against crime. He worked alone for the first four months to gain control of their crime. Crime dropped 43 percent. Grady worked intensively to establish a crime watch program and trained homeowners for the crime patrol and set-up 28 block crime watches. Crime was reduced by 57 percent and was down 85 percent the first quarter of this year.

For his hard work and using wireless phones to summon assistance to reduce crime and make his neighborhood a safer place to live, ALLTEL nominated Grady for the South Carolina "Wireless Samaritans" National VITA Award. On June 14th, he joined America's other winners in the National Building Museum's Ballroom in Washington to accept the honor.

Grady's story was the only crime watch in the nation selected by a law enforcement and emergency response panel of judges for the Wireless Samaritans honor.

Grady and June, were the guests of ALLTEL and the Cellular Industry in Washington. "It was a great five day fun trip." Grady met his congressman and toured all of the sites around the nation's capital including priority visits to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and NASA Headquarters (Grady's previous employer), where he received a NASA pin and a bundle of material to help him when he visits kids in schools. In 1999-2000, Grady completed thirty sessions in schools, College of Charleston and an adoption home for kids.

Grady would like to say thanks to Alysia and Jeff Lucas, who suggested to him at one of our early POMFLANT get-togethers, that he should go to the schools and speak to kids. Alysia and Jeff review his presentations, encourage and advise Grady from time to time on difficult groups. To inspire young minds for future careers, Alysia and Jeff are responsible for over 1100 kids receiving Grady's Astronomy, Space and Rocket lectures.

Chuck Wilson wrote that he commented at a recent Wednesday morning breakfast that something was wrong. He remembered when the topics of discussion would have included fast cars, sports and women. The topics that morning were…which health plans are best, what Medicare covers, what portion of Social Security is taxable, and how best to shelter your retirement investments from taxes.

Seven former POMFLANT employees and one spouse were are breakfast this week. They are still meeting every Wednesday morning at 9:30 in the meeting room at Shoney's just off I-26 and Ashley Phosphate Road. Maybe you can join them some Wednesday morning.

Bob Durden wrote that he continues to appreciate hearing from you. He has had health problems for some time. He has suffered multiple strokes and his activities are restricted. He enjoys phone calls, cards or letters from his friends. His address is 100 Arbor Road, Summerville, SC 29485 and his phone number is 843 873-7343.
Sad News About Our Friends:

Since our last newsletter, we have lost some from our family:

Gene Johnson - died in August 2000. He was employed by Lockheed from September 1979 until September 1992. He died in a Fort Gordon, GA hospital. He was 63 years old.

Pat Lennon - died in December 1999. He worked for Lockheed in the ESB for many years. He was buried in North Carolina.

Ken Byrd - died in June 2000 at his home. Ken worked in the Safety Office for over a decade. He and his wife lived in North Charleston.

Jim Perry - died in May 2000.

Adele Holleman (wife of Joe Holleman) - died in March 2000. Joe was a Department Head and a long time POMFLANT employee. He resides in Summerville.

Please keep us informed of the deaths of our POMFLANT family.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

Please send us some information for the next newsletter. Without your input, I have nothing to write about. Those that have not written, please share with us what is happening in your lives: jobs, children, grandchildren, travel, marriages, divorces, etc. If you have provided information in the past, continue to do so. We love to hear from you.


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