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Are You an SSP HERO?

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Do you know what SSP HERO is, or what's happening in SSP HERO?

SSP HERO (Historical, Educational, and Recognition Organization) was formed in the spring of 2000 to support the celebration of Strategic Systems Programs' 45th Anniversary. Since then, it's been evolving to support SSP through programs that educate people about the contributions SSP has made to the United States, to recognize achievements by individuals and groups that have worked on its programs, and to keep the history of Strategic Systems Programs from fading into obscurity.

Non-Profit Organization - Since inception, HERO's Board of Directors (BOD) has been very proactive in regrouping, reorganizing, and revitalizing the organization and to ensure HERO meets the requirements of a non-profit (501(c)(3)) charity recognized by the IRS and incorporated in the District of Columbia.

The Board of Director's of SSP HERO
President Vice Admiral (USN Retired) Ken Malley
Vice-President Mike Coussa
Secretary Captain Pete Boyne (USN Retired)
Treasurer Galen Gunderson (LMSS)
Coordinator Betty Lou Gantzler
SSP Liasion Susan Underwood
SSP Liasion Ginger Phillips

SSP's Official Liaison - Since Strategic Systems Programs maintains an interest in SSP HERO in that all of SSP HERO's programs may reflect on SSP, the DIRSSP has appointed an official liaison that attends all SSP HERO BOD meetings and reports any significant events or undertakings back to SSP directors. Susan Underwood (SP 2002) and Ginger Phillips (SP 2011) are the liaison team to the organization. They may be contacted at (202) 764-1557 and (202)-764-1551 respectively, regarding any questions pertaining to SSP HERO.

Membership - Membership in SSP HERO is automatic. Anyone that does any work connected to the Navy's Strategic Systems Programs becomes a life-time member of HERO. That includes all military (on land or sea), all civilian government, and all civilian industry partners - and the best part is that there is never any membership dues.

Volunteer Participation - Because of government ethics rules, neither the military or the government civilian employees of SSP may hold positions of responsibility in the HERO organization, nor may they use their positions in the government to influence anyone regarding SSP HERO. However, all members may volunteer to work for the organization on their off-duty time.

Industry Partners - SSP HERO briefed SSP's industry partners about the organization's progress, on developments that transpired since the SSP 45th Anniversary Dinner; and in what direction HERO is headed. All industry partners were encouraged to identify a representative for their organization who would act as the point of contact for HERO information. SSP's industry partners were also asked to offer suggestions of how HERO could meet its mission to support the Strategic Systems Programs in all aspects of Historical, Educational, and Recognition efforts.

Past Achievements - SSP HERO has supported SSP's 45th Anniversary Dinner; several “Take your Children to work Days”, SWFPAC's D-5 Activation Celebration, official recognition of award recipients in both government and industry, and educational trips by school children.

Future initiatives of SSP HERO:

1. SSP HERO Web Page (in process).

2. Charitable contributions from both individuals and organizations.

3. The creation of a current mailing list of corporate and government retirees (We really need help with this one – E-Mail at Betty Lou Gantzler if you know of folks that would like to be included on a list for future mailings/invitations from HERO).

4. Spreading the word about SSP HERO.

5. Getting the information out for –

The 50th Anniversary Celebration of Strategic Systems Programs
29 September 2005
At the McLean Hilton in Tyson's Corner
Mark your calendars!

SSP Hero News Updates (Click Here).

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