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34 Years of Service to the Fleet
29 March 1960 - 05 January 1995

Polaris A3 Incident - Date Unknown, Page 1 of 3
Polaris A3 Incident Photo 1-1 Polaris A3 Incident Photo 1-2
Polaris A3 Incident Photo 1-3 Polaris A3 Incident Photo 1-4

Additional information supplied by: Fred J. Reitmeyer. The missile accident, date unknown, I spotted and reported the truck sitting at a tavern on Rivers Avenue near the Chrysler garage with the missile motor on it. That evening the driver, (without a second person in the cab as was required, missed a turn south of Charleston and ran into a closed gas station. What you see in the photos is what was left of the missile motor after being lit off by the fire resulting from the wreck. Only One body was recovered. I do not remember the date but believe that someone from the Chief Engineers office, like Ed Biggerstaff or Frank Wood would recall the dates.

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