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34 Years of Service to the Fleet
29 March 1960 - 05 January 1995

POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter

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September 2009 - Issue 2

Special Interest Items

Breakfast Club - The POMFLANT Alumni Breakfast Club meets in the back room at the Perkins Family Restaurant, on Rivers Avenue adjacent to Ashley Phosphate Road, every Wednesday at 0930 for a breakfast gathering. See all of you there!

Website Addition - I have added a link to a downloadable and or printable version of the newsletter. It is located at the top of the website newsletter and under the title “POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter.” It is in Acrobat format and will require the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Which can be downloaded from:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Webpage

Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) – SSP now has a public website with all programmatic history and facts about SSP, the Fleet Ballistic Missile Program and current initiatives (Click Here).

Request - We have been getting a lot of E-Mail returned from the domain mailing list as undeliverable for numerous reasons. We have lost touch with some of our friends. So, I would like to request the following things of you.

1. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to the update e-mail address “pomflant@multiwebs.net.”

2. Please verify that the following E-Mail addresses are in your allow list and not blocked by your E-Mail Program or Internet service provider: E-Mail 1 and E-Mail 2.

3. I would like all of your snail mail addresses, if you have not already sent them to me. This will allow us to keep in touch with you if your E-Mail address changes or has other problems. We do not release this information to anyone outside of this association. Thank you for your support.

News from our Members:

Connie Hill - Thank you so much for the newsletter. I am still working at SPAWAR System Center Atlantic here in Charleston. I now have my 30 years is but really do not want to retire yet. This is no POMFLANT but it is OK for now. Quite a few of the people who work here had plans to retire this year but, this bad economy has changed their minds. I work in the Logistics Department and enjoy my job most days.

During the summer I would rather be home spending time with my only grandchild Madison who is now nine years old. Madison, my daughter Cindy and I spend a lot of time riding our horses. It is one of my greatest joys! My husband Gene is doing well and enjoys his retirement.

Below is a second email address for me which is at home. I have also included my snail mail address as you requested. Thanks again for all that you do.

Glenda Dailey - I share an e-mail account with Bill, my husband.  We both are retired now.  We live on Lake Murray and my son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons are near by in West Columbia.  We are loving it.  Our e-mail address is:  Click Here!. I always enjoy the newsletter.  Thank you for all you are doing to make that happen.
Francis X. Archibald – I received the hard copy POMFLANT Remembered newsletter yesterday in a double envelope. I neglected to send a change of address last year and want to update that as well as my e-mail. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The correct data is: 1700 Franke Dr. Apt 105, Mt. Pleasant SC 29464-3986, Phone: 843-388-7576. E-Mail Click Here!.

I moved from our Hanahan home of 44 years in February 2008. Mary had preceded me to the Assisted Living facility at Franke at Seaside in August 2007. More than a year ago she moved to the Skilled nursing unit and I took an apartment in the active lifestyle community at Franke at Seaside. We see each other daily for a little while and like everyone else have good and bad days; thankfully, more of the former.

When I finally retired from all work in 1993, I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxation. After awhile boredom set in and my batteries got re-charged and I thought I retired too soon. We spent our time traveling around the world, went to China to teach English at a Medical College and then took several more overseas trips, drove to Alaska, criss-crossed the United States via car and went where we wanted when we wanted.  Now, as I look back on it and consider our present unforeseen situation I am so glad I quit when I did. It afforded us the opportunity to do things, to go places, to see parts of this great world and country we would never have done had I been working a full-time job. All of this was a great experience for Mary, as well as me, and she enjoyed all of it. It gave me a good feeling to do this with her and for her. We traveled great together, stayed in some great and not so great places, ate some good and not so good food but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I do not now regret retiring when I did.

I write this to send a message to other couples to step back, take a look at where you have been and where you want to go. And do it sooner than later. Time is shorter than you think.

Good luck to everyone. My Blog can be read Here.

Dick Kronick - Got the messages on the new hosting and my address is functional. All is well in Charleston. I am fully retired but keep an office downtown to stay out of the wife's hair and do my thing. It gives me a basis for a schedule which I think is important for all. I hear from Bob Brownlee and Roddy Burbage regularly, and see Don Backer and Mr. Knox once in a while. Other then that, we all grow more senior gracefully. (POMFLANT "Safety" & Lockheed 1983-1995, and POMFLANT Lear Siegler 1996-1999).
Rick Sontheimer – Thanks for all you do to keep the memories of POMFLANT alive. Hopefully, Pat and I will be able to get back to Charleston for a reunion sometime. We were just back there a couple of weeks ago to attend our son's father-in-law's funeral (Arvid Stewart). We could probably enter my wife Pat into the database. She worked up at ESB as a clerk typist in the 1965 timeframe in Plans and Programs. Thanks again.
Paul Fitzgerald – We had a mobile home in Kissimmee Fl. Recently the ice-maker line ruptured and drenched three rooms. Mold everywhere. So I am loading the personal property and taking it to Georgia. I will be living near Dublin which is on I16 between Savannah and Macon. If anyone comes this way, stop by. The address is 2178 Rentz Road, Rentz, Ga. 31075, Phone: 478-984-5153. E-mail address changed to: Click Here!.
Laura Herrick - My oldest daughter Donna is married to Archie's son Patrick Archibald, small world. They both work at the Home Telephone Company in Moncks Corner. Pat works in data processing and Donna in customer service. Donna and Pat got married the end of May 1999. Then the end of September Hugh passed on. It surely seems longer than almost 10 years that he left for a higher and much better place. Pat has one son seven and Donna has 2 sons Trey and Brad. All 3 boys are grown and out of the house.
Daniel Gieski - Hey all, I was stationed at POMFLANT from March of 1997 - June of 1991. I started out as an E2 and worked my way up to an E5, Weapons Tech.  I worked on the mate demate team for several years then worked in the bay in REB 2 for a couple after that. God I actually miss doing REB work and working with the limited life world. I s anyone out there hiring a 40 year old male with prior experience. Secret clearance with background investigation and in the PRP?  I have my Masters degree and 2 BS degrees. I worked with or during the same time as Jack Armstrong.  I served with Chief George, Hahn, Cade, Owens, Randle, and Smilely. Anyone out there with a contact, please call me at my home. Phone: 763-407-0444
Grady Woodard - After 35 years on the date of a terrible plane crash, I share this story:

Remembering Captain S. Bruce Butrym, 24 February 1929 - 30 July 2004
POMFLANT Commanding Officer

After 35 years, I'm shearing this personnel story, never before told to anyone. On 06 June 1974, CAPT S. Bruce Butrym relived CAPT John Green as Commanding Officer. Not since CAPT James Bailey, had POMFLANT received another Commanding Officer, where fear was instituted into the personnel at the Base. We all felt the impact of CAPT Bailey's major reorganization and procedural changes. The employees feared CAPT Butrym many times over when we all were affected by his demands for precision and especially accurate facts reported to him.

If CAPT Butrym was caught in an inaccurate fact using one's information, may the Almighty have mercy on your soul!  Because you will receive one of the most professional "chewing outs" in the presents of everyone and went on for minutes. One would never forget this and it would never happen again. We were better for this; we then paid more attention to details and questioned those who gave us out facts. When Butrym walked into a room, the silence was awesome and during conversations, people would tremble in their replies.  This continued until he was relived by CAPT Raymond Landrum, on 19 June 1981.

But, there was another side of our CAPT Butrym very few knew much about, his caring and teaching of kids through the sport of football, the sacrifices he made to be with them and giving of his most valuable time. It was in this area is where I seen our feared Commanding Office, weep with tears and was humbled that being with his football team, saved his life!  With tearful eyes, I put my arm around him, trying to console him.

It was about 1630 on Friday, 11 September 1974, as I was also an opposing youth football coach and the football league's Commissioner who certified rosters of teams. Alone, I and Butrym was sitting in the locker room at the Weapons Station Gym, we were signing his roster. Suddenly, a Navy Officer burst in and out to tell CAPT Butrym that the Eastern Airlines Flight 212 had crashed short of the Charlotte runway. Our new SSP RADM Charles Cummings was killed.  RADM Cummings had been taking a tour of POMFLANT and Butrym had taken him to the airport to catch his flight to Washington.

Our Commanding Officer was supposed to be on that flight also but, he was delayed so he could be with his team the next day, in the season's opening ceremony, and their first football game. CAPT Butrym wanted to paint his teams helmets that Friday night so his team would look good, when they marched on the field. That decision saved his life!

Paul Weaver - Sent this picture of the last Trident I (C-4) missile built at POMFLANT. He believes it was in June of 1992. For a High Resolution Picture Click Here.

POMFLANT's Last Trident I (C-4)

Ron and Nancy Thomas - It has been a busy year for us. Nancy retired for the second time September 11th and we have made 2 trips and a cruise since then. The cruise from Jacksonville was relaxing and most enjoyable. I traveled to see friends and family many times while Nancy finished up at SWFLANT. My granddaughter Ava is now 1-1/2 years old and my daughter is expecting a second child next June, sex unknown. My son is getting married next September for the first time, so we will be adding a new daughter-in-law that is a very good Greek cook. So we are working on our “bucket lists”, which will include more traveling together this year. Happy Holidays!

Our side business, Southeastern Synthetics, will continue to sponsor the Alumni Association at no cost whatsoever to the members. This includes the web, newsletter, materials and any applicable postage costs.

New Members:

Donna P. Brown
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Robert C. Gochnauer
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Patricia Sontheimer
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Gary McDuffee
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Steve Blazier
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Robert Brodgen
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Stephen L. Falcone
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John H. Hale
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Raymond Doan
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Arthur F. Redfield
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Steven L. Bison
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E-Mail Address Changes:

Ralph Comp
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Timothy Mark Dixon
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Sharon S. Dixon
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Jerry D. Hooper
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Glenda Dailey
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Francis X. Archibald
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Jack Eschenberg
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James P. Dixon
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John Rau
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Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses:

Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses File

Snail Mail Address Changes and Bad Addrssses

Snail Mail Address File

Our Sad News:

Since our last newsletter, I have received information that the following co-workers, co-workers family members and friends who have died:

Wilbert Ramirez – Civilian, Passed 28 April 2009

Arthur Roger “AR” Brown – Civilian, Passed 20 May 2009

Robert W. Archer (CAPT USN Retired) – Military, Passed 02 June 2009

Stephen L. Lucas – Military, Passed 24 July 2009

William Carl Shuford – Lockheed, Passed 29 August 2009

Ronald E. Gossen – Lockheed, Passed 29 September 2009

Our Deepest Sympathy goes to those and their families who have lost their loved ones.

Please keep us informed of any news about our POMFLANT family. We welcome any and all inputs for upcoming newsletters. Any inputs can be sent to the below E-Mail address at anytime and will get into the latest newsletter. Without your input we have little to write about.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

Take Care,
Ron and Nancy

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