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POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter

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September 1998 - Issue 2

When we met last in April 1998, we inquired about your opinion on the number of times we should meet each year. It appears from the people who responded that once a year is adequate. Unless we hear different, our meetings will be in the spring of each year. The twice a year newsletters will continue as long as you provide me with news.

All of you probably have something of interest that we can put in the letter. Please send it to Mary Adams, 821 N. Palmetto St., Summerville, SC 29483 or send it via E-Mail to madams1202@aol.com. We would like to know about your families, vacations and changes in your life. This will only take a minute of your time and will really help with the publication of the newsletter.

News from our Members: The following was provided by our members:

John and Janet Maney: Recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary, spent eighteen days in Ireland this summer. This trip was a gift from their six daughters, presented to John upon his retirement from the US Army Corps of Engineers. This was their first trip to Ireland, where they toured the southern half of Ireland starting in Cork, and proceeding to Cobh (pronounced Cove), Killarney, Union Hall, Bere Island, Galway and Dublin staying in B&B's along the way. They visited many churches and castles that are between 800 and 1,100 years old, learned a lot of history, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. There are mountains, rugged coast line and green fields to see all over Ireland. Not to mention, the sheep and cows that outnumber the people. They met twelve first cousins and numerous 2nd and 3rd cousins of John's in Cobh and Bere Island.. While working on their family tree before the trip, they discovered that even Janet who is of French Canadian ancestry, has some Irish relatives. They visited Janet's cousins who had just opened a restaurant in Union Hall. Janet and John are ready to return to Ireland. The next time they will take it a little slower and spend more time with relatives who have some very interesting stories and insights to pass on about their ancestors.

Bob Reynolds: Sent a note giving us some of his Lockheed career history. He was first at Pomflant in May 1974 on a temporary assignment. He had been at Cape Canaveral for 13 years working on the Air Force Agena Missile, along with Jim Moore and Bobby Lawson. At Pomflant, he worked mostly in the Support Equipment part of Lockheed engineering and spent many years trying to keep the APTS console in ICPB running. After a short tour in the Blockhouse, he left for the Northwest in January 1991, 16.5 years later. He spent 7 years in Swfpac engineering before retiring last January after 36.5 years with Lockheed. Both he and his wife, Mary, love the northwest but may have to retire in Florida just to be a little closer to their 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Jo Smith: Enjoyed a 3 week European trip in August of 1997. She toured six countries by motorcoach. Then in November of 1997, she and her sister drove to Vermont, detouring along the way through the Amish country. Both were great trips.

Mary and Billy Adams: Enjoyed a cruise to Alaska in May. They left Vancouver, Canada and went up as far as Haines/Skagway, stopping at towns along the way. In July, they spent 13 days on the Royal Princess cruising Norway. They left from Dover, England and sailed all the way up to the North Cape. Both trips were wonderful and gave them an escape from the heat here at home.

Joel and Libby Singletary: Had the first ever gathering of all their children and grandchildren at their home this summer. For several days, Kim and Carlton Shokes, Kim's son Nathan, and Eric and Jeannie Singletary with their children, Lauren and Ryan, visited our western North Carolina home. Children swam in the lake and nearby creek, and parents talked, and talked, and talked. We took the whole crowd over to Dollywood, and just enjoyed the local offerings. After this vacation with all the children under one roof, we quickly adapted to the quiet when they all had to return home! But it was fun, and we plan to all get together again, perhaps on the seashore next time.

Jeff and Alysia Lucas: Just returned from a wonderful trip to Alaska in celebration of Alysia getting her master's degree in accounting from the University of Charleston.

Pete and Betty Carter: Had a great summer. During the first part of August, they went on a 16 day cruise from St. Petersburg, Russia to Moscow. The sights were out of this world, however there is a food problem there and Pete lost about 10 pounds. Then on August 22nd, their son and daughter-in-law gave birth to a 6 lb. 10 oz. baby girl. This is their first grand daughter. Her name is Kelly Caroline Carter and she is a real beauty.


Some Sad News About Our Friends - Since our last newsletter, we have lost some from our family.

Charlie W. Johnson, Handling, died at 83 years old in May 1998
Wendal Ackerman, LMSC Radiographer, died in 1997
Donald Sharkey, MAPB missile mechanic, died at 64 years of age in May 1998
Doris McCarty, Comptroller & Admin Departments, died this year of heart problems. She was 64 years of age.
Duaine (Monty) Montoure died in July 1998
Luder Nix, retired Machinist, died in September 1998. He was 70 years of age.
Paula (Tumbleston) Baker and her husband, Josh lost their infant daughter (Haley Jordan) to SIDS at the age of eight weeks. She was born on May 4th, 1998.

Cruise from Miami to the Western Caribbean: There are 23 of us leaving on the 18th of October for the 7 night cruise. We will use our bragging rights in telling you all about it when we meet again in April 1999.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

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