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29 March 1960 - 05 January 1995

POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter

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March 2007 - Issue 1

Special Interest Items

Breakfast Club - The POMFLANT Alumni Breakfast Club meets in the back room at the Perkins Family Restaurant, on Rivers Avenue adjacent to Ashley Phosphate Road, every Wednesday at 0930 for a breakfast gathering. See all of you there!

Website Addition - I have added a link to a downloadable and or printable version of the newsletter. It is located at the top of the website newsletter and under the title “POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter.” It is in Acrobat format and will require the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Which can be downloaded from:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Webpage

Request - We have been getting a lot of E-Mail returned from the domain mailing list as undeliverable for numerous reasons. We have lost touch with some of our friends. So, I would like to request the following things of you.

1. Please verify that the following E-Mail addresses are in your allow list and not blocked by your E-Mail Program or Internet service provider: E-Mail 1, E-Mail 2, and E-Mail 3.

2. I would like all of your snail mail addresses, if you have not already sent them to me. This will allow us to keep in touch with you if your E-Mail address changes or has other problems. We do not release this information to anyone outside of this association. Thank you for your support.

3. For those members using their work E-Mail address from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is rejecting E-mails from the mailing list, with an error message of “556 5.7.1 Message refused by Lockheed Martin due to content or security policy violation.”  I will need another non-LMCO e-mail address or a snail mail address if you wish further updates from the POMFLANT Remembered Website.  Please respond with your name an alternate E-Mail or Snail Mail address to Thunderer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience.

4. AOL and CompuServe (cs.com) have now started blocking my mailing list as SPAM on some AOL and CompuServe accounts. For those AOL and CompuServe members please read item 1 above. Your names will be removed from the e-mail list. You may try contacting AOL customer service and see if they will unblock the e-mails from my domain. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

News from our Members:

Tom & Peggy Dufek – Tom worked in the Calibration/Technical Support Building at POMFLANT. Tom and I relocated here to my hometown in December 2005. I have a great number of relatives here. We will be attending my 50th High School reunion from Nicholas Blackwell High School in October 2006.

We live near Bartlett, Tennessee where I grew up. Cordova, our home, is in the Memphis city limits. Tom's chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is stabilized and he has not been in the hospital yet here. He was in the hospital seven times in six years in Charleston.

All of our friends are missed. We would love to be at the POMFLANT Alumni Breakfast Club, but, alas the miles are many. Best wishes to all! Our new address is 8202 Rockcreek Parkway, Apartment 1, Cordova, TN 38016-7583. Home Phone: (901)372-8591. PS. We have no computer.

Emily Watts - I'm a former employee of POMFLANT. Worked for several years with Willie Almers in Supply Dept at wonderful POMFLANT. These days I'm a Management Analyst and Navy Mediator for Naval Weapons Station with 33 years of civil service, and still working toward a retirement in the next 2 years. Things are not the same! Who ever thought I'd be operating a high-tech computer with all the gadgets and buttons? And whoever thought I'd see a berm around ESB? Surely not me! Would you be so kind as to add me to your mailing list and send me an email with a list of names of those POMFLANT co-workers who now are deceased? My email address is (Click Here), and my residence is 209 Dupont Way, Summerville, SC 29485. For those of you who can't remember me, well, I'm Geneva Patrick's sister and I worked upstairs in Building 302 for Faith Harris. I enjoyed the newspaper, keep up the great work!
Fred Reitmeyer - I am a former POMFLANT contractor and also an AMSOIL lifetime dealer here in Poulsbo, WA. My web site is (Click Here). Thank you for sponsoring the POMFLANT website.  I enjoy visiting it often.
Thom Beach - Don't know if you got the word or not but Frank Wood passed away this last Christmas Eve of cancer. He was buried at his Hometown in Kentucky. He had been in declining health for several months at his home in Florida, and had just been up recently in his motor home to visit family here in Charleston. His son, Frank Wood Jr. is my neighbor here in Pimlico.
Sherry Dixon (Bath) - My family and I are doing very well. I also miss the days at POMFLANT.  I was lucky in my safety career to have done my beginning safety training with POMFLANT.  That training has served me well and made a difference where ever I work.
Edward Sanders – My father S. Brown Sanders, Sr. passed away on 01 February 2006.  He was 92 and passed away peacefully.  He had a long good life. Thank you.
Jim Hunt - Greetings, I lost my father Elmer G. Hunt on 28 February 2007.  He served at POMFLANT both as Military (LT SC/USN 63-65) and later as a Contractor (Lockheed 67-80). He is listed on both of those pages.  It would be a Great Honor if you would add him to the "Deceased" section as well. Best Regards.
Linda Rainwater – Sends us sad news about her father, Raymond E. “Ray” Smith. Raymond E. “Ray” Smith used to work at the Polaris Missile Facility, Atlantic. He retired in 1984. Bill Statz wrote me and gave me your name and address so that I could inform you of my Father's death. He said you might like to put it in your newsletter.

Daddy had been in the Tutt Fann Veterans Home for the last 4 years. He was doing well up until the last four months. Bill Statz and Daddy had been best friends all this time, so there may be other who would like to know.

Ron and Nancy Thomas - Our third Grandson was born on 22 November 2006 with some heart defects and succumbed to complications after his second open heart surgery on 04 January 2007.

Our side business, Southeastern Synthetics, will continue to sponsor the website and the newsletter at no cost whatsoever to the Alumni Association. This includes the web, newsletter materials and any applicable postage costs.

New Members:

Watts, Emily
E-Mail: Click Here!
Reh, Linda
E-Mail: Bad Already
Dixon, Arvel
1146 Springwell Road
Columbia, SC 29210
McCord, Travis
E-Mail: Click Here!
Dane, Frederick C.
E-Mail: Click Here!

E-Mail Address Changes:

Brittsan, Jerry M.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Rasque, Audrey W.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Unwin, David L.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Bates, James R. and Carole V.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Tootill, Joel B.
E-Mail: Click Here!
O'Brien, Richard C.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Morrison, Terry J.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Waters, Richard S.
E-Mail: Click Here!

Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses:

Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses File

Our Sad News:

Since our last newsletter, I have received information that the following co-workers, co-workers family members and friends have died:

Frank Wood - Civilian, Passed 24 December 2004.

S. Brown Sanders - Civilian, Passed 01 February 2006.

William David Brandt - Civilian, Passed 19 October 2006.

Raymond E. "Ray" Smith - Civilian, Passed 25 October 2006.

Michael Domenick Guido – Ron and Nancy Thomas' Grandson, Passed 04 January 2007

LT Elmer G. Hunt - Military and Contractor, Passed 28 February 2007.

Our Deepest Sympathy goes to those and their families who have lost their loved ones.

Please keep us informed of any news about our POMFLANT family. We welcome any and all inputs for upcoming newsletters. Any inputs can be sent to the below E-Mail address at anytime and will get into the latest newsletter. Without your input we have little to write about.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

Take Care,
Ron and Nancy

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