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September 2006 - Issue 2

Special Interest Items

Breakfast Club - The POMFLANT Alumni Breakfast Club meets in the back room at the Perkins Family Restaurant, on Rivers Avenue adjacent to Ashley Phosphate Road, every Wednesday at 0930 for a breakfast gathering. See all of you there!
Request - We have been getting a lot of E-Mail returned from the domain mailing list as undeliverable for numerous reasons. We have lost touch with some of our friends. So, I would like to request the following things of you.

1. Please verify that the following E-Mail addresses are in your allow list and not blocked by your E-Mail Program or Internet service provider: E-Mail 1, E-Mail 2, and E-Mail 3.

2. I would like all of your snail mail addresses, if you have not already sent them to me. This will allow us to keep in touch with you if your E-Mail address changes or has other problems. We do not release this information to anyone outside of this association. Thank you for your support.

3. For those members using their work E-Mail address from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is rejecting E-mails from the mailing list, with an error message of “556 5.7.1 Message refused by Lockheed Martin due to content or security policy violation.”  I will need another non-LMCO e-mail address or a snail mail address if you wish further updates from the POMFLANT Remembered Website.  Please respond with your name an alternate E-Mail or Snail Mail address to Thunderer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience.

4. AOL has now started blocking my mailing list as SPAM on some AOL accounts. For those AOL members please read item 1 above. Your names will be removed from the e-mail list. You may try contacting AOL customer service and see if they will unblock the e-mails from my domain. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

News from our Members:

Dick Hamilton - Was hospitalized for three days in March with what was thought to be a heart attack. The doctors could not find anything wrong with his heart. But, they found he had bronchus with fluid (I think he said around his heart) and sent him home. He is doing well and is walking about 1 1/2 miles every morning.
Glenn A Kelsey - I am still riding on the FBM train here at Cape Canaveral with Lockheed Martin. I am a material planner in direct support of the current and follow on flight test programs. We have just converted to all new computer systems and are up against deadlines to support the first “Low Cost Test Missile Kit” in April. Like most I have found myself working more 50 to 60 hour weeks than not trying to tackle these two obstacles in the last several months. I had really hoped to see a break in the action and make it to Charleston for the event. I sincerely hate to miss it since I have not seen many of the old crew in years. I still work with several people that worked with us at POMFLANT. We are all thankful to still be a part of such a successful and valuable program. We will be there in spirit and wish POMFLANT was still alive and well.
Henry and Brenda Nix - Henry (Nicky) and Brenda Nix, both former POMFLANT employees retired on 3 January 2006.  Brenda retired from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC as a GS-11, Management Analyst with over 32 years of Federal Service.  Henry retired from Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA as a GS-11, IT Specialist with over 38 years of Federal Service.  We currently have our home for sale in Ridgeland, SC.  We will be returning to Charleston, SC to be closer to our families, which includes two wonderful grandsons, Hunter (age 6) and Nicolas (age 9 months).  Retirement Is Grand!
Joy Presnick - Thanks to Mary and her helpers for providing a good place and good food to help us catch up with POMFLANT friends and their news.
Carol “Myers” Miracle - My husband, Dennis, and I were able to attend the April 2006 picnic reunion gathering.  It was wonderful to see and visit with the many folks present.  However, there were many more Supply Department past employees missing.  I left in July 1990 and have not, since, experienced the love and friendships POMFLANT offered.  We used to joke that somewhere on the SF171 we must have checked a block that we shouldn’t have, boy was I wrong!  I think, if anything, I checked the right block, because I would not have changed a moment, well, maybe one or two. HA!

When I left POMFLANT, I returned to Knoxville, Tennessee, where I was raised, as a child.  Shortly, I went to work for Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), as a Lockheed/Martin contract employee, a Reports & Data Specialist in Transportation special projects.  I worked on some great projects and feel I was very blessed with good opportunities, but it was not POMFLANT.  After 6 years of project work, I left to work for a mid-sized motor carrier as their Corporate Safety Analyst.  The motor carrier went into bankruptcy almost 2 years into my tenure.  Before this, I had not ever toyed with the idea of “unemployment” benefits, but GOD had a smile in his heart, even then.  I left on Friday and, on the following Monday morning, I, with briefcase in tow, was reporting to work.  I had accepted a 6 month consulting assignment, with the company (a food producer), that I now work. Before the 6 months were up, I was offered the General Manager Transportation and Safety position, managing a private carrier fleet for the company.  In the 7 years that I have been with this company, it has grown twice (Four H Services/Quality Bakery Products, Inc., to Old London Foods, Inc., to Nonni’s Food Company) and have stayed with the transitions.

I met, and married, Dennis, soon to be 4 years ago.  Whew, how time flies.  My daughter, Stacey, is married, with three children, and is the General Manager with Two Men and Truck moving company, here in Knoxville.  My son, Justin, is in the Army (not sure why he picked Army, since his dad was retired Air Force and I had worked for the Navy), has spent two tours in Iraq, is attending recruiter school for his next assignment, and married (no children).  Dennis is from Kentucky and has four children, who we rarely see.  He and his ex-wife raised two of her grandchildren and we see them regularly.  We have a home, with a few acres, in Sevier County (about 30 miles from Knoxville), two miniature horses, two dogs, and a cat.

After the picnic, we stayed in the Charleston area until Tuesday.  This was the third trip to Charleston, Dennis and I had made together.  Each time, he has developed a yearning for the area and, after watching everyone interact with each other at the picnic, says he would like to relocate to Charleston.  WOW, this is BIG.  The employment demographics have changed to a degree. I’m not sure how I would fit.  Over the years, I had accumulated almost 16-years of federal service employment with the DoD.  We will have to see.  Suggestions, from anyone, would be greatly appreciated. E-Mail Carol: (Click Here).

Don Coffman - The picnic is over. As always Mary and Fran and their crew did an excellent job planning and organizing the event. However Mary told me she would like someone to take over the responsibility of the association (group). Various people at the picnic told me they are interested in continuing with some type of organization. We need your help and suggestions and most of all someone(s) that is willing to take the lead. Ron and Nancy will continue their gracious support of maintaining our membership list. Maintaining contact with former POMFLANT coworkers is our primary goal. Again we need someone to take the lead. This lead can be shared by more than one person. Please let me know by e mail or mail ASAP. I will try to help by acting as the point of contact (POC) until someone volunteers. We need someone(s) E-Mail: (Click Here). Snail Mail: Don Coffman, 529 Myers Road, Summerville, SC 29483. Phone: 843-873-3113.

Note: If anyone sees or knows of other coworkers please let me and/or Ron know so we can add them to the membership list and mailing lists.

Terry Morrison - Thanks for a wonder walk down memory lane.  I ran across a former co-worker from POMFLANT and he told me about the web site. It’s just right, not too much, not too little.

I currently work for DHS, more specifically Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in Springfield, VA, just outside DC.  BRAC sent me from the Supply Center in Charleston in 1994 to DLA in Camp Smith Hawaii, then to INS in Laguna Niguel, CA (just south of LA).  My family and I moved to the DC area this past year.  My daughter, Sara works as a contractor for CBP in the same building as I do.  My son, Joe is a senior at Westfield HS and the wife, Betty recently went to work for some local OB/GYN in Fairfax.

I’m the Help Desk Manager for CBP which keeps me real busy and thinking of retirement, maybe as early as next year.  Heck I may become one of those contractors that I was first introduced to at POMFLANT.

Thanks again for the opportunity to stay in touch with some memories that I thought were long forgotten, but just turned out to be on the web. As my former co-worker use to say, “oh the miracles of science.” My address is: 15299 Surrey House Way, Centreville, VA 20120, Phone: 703-921-6496.

Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald - were honored with a 50th wedding anniversary party on 03 June at their son's home in Merritt Island FL. Their children Mike, Cyndi, and Bruce were in attendance. In addition all seven of their grandchildren, their spouses and their two great grandchildren were present. Food and decorations were prepared by daughter-in-law Sally. A great time was had by all. A multitude of photos are available: (Click Here).

Rachel's 50th high school class reunion Is scheduled during August. Rachel and Paul are looking forward to this big event also.

Rosalie and Jim Lawrence - We thoroughly enjoyed the POMFLANT Alumni get together.  Mary Adams and all who helped her deserve much praise for all the hard work that was done to make it the huge success that it was.  Many, including myself, are willing to help, but it takes that special "leader" to guide the helpers.  Hopefully, someone will step forth.

We are taking one two-day trips with our tour group from Lexington.  They have a pick-up point in Summerville, which makes it great.  Our ship reunion in Knoxville was like being with family, as we have been together for the last 19 years.

Our son Jimmy finally got married in July.  Our daughter-in-law is a school teacher also.  So now we have three teachers in the family.  Jimmy and his Kym have gone together for six years, so we all say it is about time.  They are happy, and as long as our children are happy, we are too.

Thank you Ron and Nancy for keeping us together through the newsletter.  We look forward to the inputs from all who write.

Helen Cash - A warm hello to the great POMFLANT family.  It was wonderful to see everyone again at the picnic - and it is true - we are not getting older we are getting better!  Let's hope we can do it again!

Carroll and I keep busy with church and community and exchange students.  We are getting ready to host #26!  It has been such an enriching experience for us.  We have met so many kind people and have made so many dear friends from different countries with different cultures.  We have just returned from a month in Europe - we visited 7 of our exchange students in Holland, Germany, and Hungary.  We visited many beautiful sites, cathedrals, museums, palaces, gardens, and we ate a variety of interesting foods!  The best was in a village in Hungary which was holding its "annual fish soup cook-off".  Thousands of people from Hungary and Croatia complete with gypsies all gathered with their soup pots and small fires, with Hungarian music and dance and drink - what an event! And the soup was delicious - complete with fish heads and eyes!  Hey - where's your sense of adventure?  Soon our Dutch family (from 1988) will visit us again, and we'll spend a week in the mountains.  It has been incredible that we all continue to stay in touch with each other.  And we have 6 European grandchildren now!

I am still working as a Supervisory Product Safety Investigator for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Carroll is still a Pastor at a small country church. I sing in the choir, and teach Youth Sunday school, and I'm learning to play the banjo.  (Who said you can't teach old dog new tricks?)  We are healthy (for the most part), and happy - and we thank God for all our many blessings.   And I certainly count my POMFLANT family as one of my blessings.

Shawn D. Inmon - I was searching for a unit logo online and stumbled across the "POMFLANT Remembered" page. Great page. It's good to learn the history of the installation, much of which us young Marines did not know at the time (not much Internet access in those days). I was a Lance Corporal (LCPL) assigned to POMFLANT with 2nd Platoon of the Marine Corps Security Force Company from February 1993 to December 1994.

I recognize a few of the names and would like to be added to the list. I can be reached at either of these email addresses (Click Here) or (Click Here). Thank you, and again what a great page.

Ron and Nancy Thomas - We celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary in June. We attended went our first USS Hunley AS-31 Reunion, in Mount Pleasant, SC, in June. Ron served aboard this ship prior to his tour at POMFLANT. We had a great time seeing many of his Navy shipmates. We toured Patriot's Point, with lunch aboard the USS Yorktown. That night we also had a dinner cruise of Charleston Harbor. The next day we visited the CSS Hunley, and had a reenactment of the Hunley Sailor's funeral at the cemetery. We ended the reunion with a dinner on the last day at the hotel.

Ron visited his children in Long Island, NY during the last week in June. His daughter Anna and Husband Danny are expecting their first child in November. That will be Grandchild number 3 for us.

Our side business, Southeastern Synthetics, will continue to sponsor the website and the newsletter at no cost whatsoever to the Alumni Association. This includes the web, newsletter materials and any applicable postage costs.

New Members:

Andreu, Steven C.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Graham, Donald
E-Mail: Click Here!
Cope, Gary D.
E-Mail: Click Here!
McDaniel, James N.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Inmon, Shawn D.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Morpus Jr., Thomas
E-Mail: Click Here!
Sink, Randolph M.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Minichino, Robert T.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Powers (currently Brown), Donna
E-Mail: Click Here!
Miracle, Carol
E-Mail: Click Here!
Roberts, JoAnn
E-Mail: Click Here!
Morrison, Terry
E-Mail: Click Here!
Thomas, Barry F.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Garrett, Douglas
E-Mail: Click Here!
Lavender, Tom
E-Mail: Click Here!
Mahieu, Don
E-Mail: Click Here!
Aveyard, Joyce
E-Mail: Click Here!
Mercer, Bob
E-Mail: Click Here!
Mercer, Betty
E-Mail: Click Here!
Brown, Kathy
E-Mail: Click Here!
May, Jr., Wayne C.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Hunter, Nathanial
No Information Yet
Holseberg, Harry “Happy”
121-A Johnny Reb Drive, Moncks Corner, SC 29461
Fralix, Robert
358 Hoff Avenue, Charleston, SC 29407

E-Mail Address Changes:

Beckley, Jerry E.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Newsome, Scott G.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Davis, Kenny
E-Mail: Click Here!
Jimenez, Doug
E-Mail: Click Here!
LaVelle, Donald L.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Zonner, Greg
E-Mail: Click Here!
Hauge, Bob
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Elgin, Gary
E-Mail: Click Here!
Herring, Mark W.
E-Mail: Click Here!
Rose Kinard
E-Mail: Click Here!
Ludwigson, Carol
E-Mail: Click Here!
Fewox, Hiram
E-Mail: Click Here!
Rice, Wade
E-Mail: Click Here!

Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses:

Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses File

Our Sad News:

Since our last newsletter, I have received information that the following co-workers, co-workers family members and friends have died:

Joe Conner -Military, passed 2005.

Gerry Pearson - Hercules, Passed 13 January 2006.

Allan E. Meacher - Civilian, passed 06 March 2006.

John C. Rogers - Lockheed, passed 28 May 2006.

Please keep us informed of any news about our POMFLANT family. We welcome any and all inputs for upcoming newsletters. Any inputs can be sent to the below E-Mail address at anytime and will get into the latest newsletter. Without your input we have little to write about.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

Take Care,
Ron and Nancy

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