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March 2006 - Issue 1

Special Interest Items

Let's Party! -It has been too long since our last get together (it was April 2001). Mary Adams tells us that we have some money left in our old POMFLANT Alumni account, so we are planning a Bar-B-Q picnic get together for this spring. Depending on your response, there should be little or no out-of-pocket cost to you. We have enough to pay for approximately 100 people. If we have a huge response and we exceed our available funds, we will pass the hat at the picnic, (e.g., if we get 125 people, we would each need to pay approximately $2.50.) Also, there will be a $1.00 per person admission fee at the gate to enter the park that each of us will be responsible for. The current plans for the next Get Together Picnic are:

DATE: 08 April 2006
TIME: 11:00am to 4:00pm
PLACE: Wannamaker County Park, Tupelo Shelter, University Blvd. (Highway 78), North Charleston, SC.
FOOD: Bar-B-Q and fixing's

We will need to know for sure that you are coming if you are on the list, by no later than 30 March 2006. Please send them to either the POMFLANT Remembered Web Site or to Mary M. Adams, or please phone 843-873-4596.

We hope you can all come. We have a lot of catching up to do. See you there!

For maps (Click Here!) To see a list of those attending (Click Here!)

Request - We have been getting a lot of E-Mail returned as undeliverable for numerous reasons. We have lost touch with some of our friends. So, I would like to request two things of you.

1. Please verify that the following E-Mail addresses are in your allow list and not blocked by your E-Mail Program or Internet service provider: E-Mail 1, E-Mail 2, and E-Mail 3.

2. I would like all of your snail mail addresses, if you have not already sent them to me. This will allow us to keep in touch with you if your E-Mail address changes or has other problems. We do not release this information to anyone outside of this association. Thank you for your support.

3. For those members using their work E-Mail address from Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is rejecting E-mails from mailing lists, with an error message of “556 5.7.1 Message refused by Lockheed Martin due to content or security policy violation.”  I will need another non-LMCO e-mail address or a snail mail address if you wish further updates from the POMFLANT Remembered Website.  Please respond with your name and alternate E-Mail address to: Thunderer.  I am sorry for this inconvenience.

4. AOL has now started blocking my mailing list as SPAM on some AOL accounts. For those AOL members please read item 1 above. Your names will be removed from the e-mail list. You may try contacting AOL customer service and see if they will unblock the e-mails from my domain. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Breakfast Club - The POMFLANT Alumni Breakfast Club has changed the time it now meets from the current time of 0900 to the new time of 0930. The club meets in the back room at the Perkins Family Restaurant, on Rivers Avenue adjacent to Ashley Phosphate Road, every Wednesday at 0930 for a breakfast gathering. See all of you there!
News from our Members:

Grady Woodward - He is doing crime watch studies for the Berkeley County Sheriff for subdivisions starting a Neighbor Crime Watch.  He is adapts his National Awarding Winning St. James Estates Program to new groups. Grady is working with the Sheriff's Crime Prevention Officer in establishing a crime watch programs. Grady also has completed his second book, “Moon Rocket Secrets”, about his work and events in the early space program from his previous job with NASA in the 1960s.

I retired (again) from an eight year project that was suggested by coworker Alysia Lucas and her husband Jeff, at an early POMFLANT get together.  They suggested that I visit schools and tell kids space stories and about rockets, from my earlier job with NASA in the 1960's. After I agreed, Alysia and Jeff worked in a four hour session with me to prepare my presentations.  The results were awesome as I processed 6,139 students, 380 adults, had six TV interviews (820,191 viewers) and Newspaper interviews that was read by 535,840 people.  School classrooms K4-12, scouts, college and adoption homes for kids, all add up.  I will forever be grateful to Alysia and Jeff for the idea and help.

Grady Woodward between lectures at the College of Charleston

Mary Adams - - I would like to know an exact number or get together attendees before the end of March.  As we all know some people will tell you they are coming and then don't show and in this case I will have to pay for them.  I would like to emphasis that if you are on the list and cannot come, please let me know. Mary's E-Mail is: click here.
Fortrena Haskell - I have relocated to the Central Offices of Charleston County School District at Bridgeview Drive in North Charleston.  On a part-time basis, I have started a home business called “Office Essentials”, providing secretarial/administrative services.  Services include typing (including legal documents), managing your birthday & greeting card mailings, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, notary services, personal errands, paying bills, etc., to various clients. If you don't have to do the little things, give me a call.  Please contact me at: click here or (843) 810-6896 or 753-3658 for professional assistance. I also work as the office manager for a heating and AC business evenings & weekends.
Barry Loonam - Christmas/New Years Looneygram 2006. The used to be - Summerville Loonam's hope this holiday greeting finds you and yours in good health and good spirits wherever you are.  

This marks the greatest change we have ever had in 35 years of marriage! Not only are we no longer in Summerville, SC, but we moved Coast to Coast to be near our grandchildren, and near them we are! We bought a house big enough for all seven of us "The Loonam Compound!" It's been a real challenge for all of us to combine two households under one roof, but we have made it happen and even had a Christmas drop in last week. We are an hour across by ferry from Seattle and at an hour and 15 minutes from the airport, so let us know when you can come see us. The views are breathtaking of the mountains, the harbors and the tallest trees.

Barry started this whole change, by taking to heart Wanda's comment during the first visit to the area, this is a nice place, why don't we move here? He applied to Lockheed Martin at SWFPAC for a trainer position, an old shipmate and long time friend, saw his name in the system and helped him apply for another position which he started in February. That was the easy part, selling their home after 23 years was emotionally hard and leaving a thousand friends and family behind still pulls on his heartstrings. Getting used to a new schedule that has him getting up at 0430 and at work by 0530 has been a challenge can't stay up every night for the best shows that start at 2200! But getting off at 1430 is a treat, lots of time to do work or shopping or sometimes takes a nap before dinner. He is looking forward to 2006, going back to college to finish his degree and getting more involved in the community, actually last week he was elected to the United Way Board of Directors, he has spent the last 6 months helping with this years campaign. The future is bright with Lockheed Martin; the contract has been extended to 2042! He won't stay that long.

Wanda was on an interview last week to get back in the accounting world she loves. It was very hard to leave Asten Johnson after 16 years, they respected all she had done and she had so many friends. Selling that house and the joy of looking at 100 or so in this area made it a difficult few months, but for the last six months she has been working with Jaimee to organize our lives under one roof and getting to be the Grandma (or Na as Jordan calls her) she always wanted to be she spend lots of time cooking large meals with leftovers for Barry and Shawn lunches and everything else. The AMAZING work they all did to transform their new home, no two rooms have the same colors, new rooms, walls, ceilings, it was quite an undertaking She has been back to home twice for mostly not good family medical issues, but attended weddings and saw friends and family. Barry surprised her with an anniversary ferry ride to Seattle, a Dinner Cruise around Puget Sound, a very nice evening. She went for a day long interview in Seattle, but a 2 hour commute each way! She will find something closer, just a matter of time. She was glad to have Chris here for Christmas.
Shawn and Jaimee, accepting the new life at the Loonam Compound, everyone works together to help with the 3 young ones: Sydney (7 in Feb) Jordan (3 in Feb) Logan (1 in Feb). YES, you read that right; all have birthdays in the shortest month of the year! Jaimee and Wanda planned a day long Brew-Fest event for Fathers Day; this place has beautiful mild, warm weather, not the rain every day you hear about Shawn was surprised and kidded about his Dad working in the same building, 20 feet away! It is funny how things work out sometimes. Shawn has an awesome reputation as a leader here, and his evaluation says so, so well keep our fingers crossed for the Chiefs Board to see he is ready, then maybe an LDO application Occasionally the grandparents step up and take care of all so they can go out and enjoy a night together, last week for the Command Christmas Party, Barry drove them to the Casino and a Duty Driver drove them home, so they could imbibe all they wanted Jaimee cooks, cleans, works to organize, helps Sydney with her 1st grade homework and et al. Then there is the constant attention required by Jordan and Logan, but sometimes she gets to sneak away for some me time with her friends.
Chris, has really established Roots this year in Atlanta, he finally decided on a condo near downtown Atlanta, is really committed to stay and work for Intercontinental Exchange AND just signed a lease for a new Passat!!! He still enjoys supporting the Atlanta Braves and is a season ticket holder for the Atlanta Falcons. He even occasionally stops tailgating long enough to watch the games! He and his friends still closely watch all of Clemson's sports teams Chris has flown out to see us twice this year, on Labor Day weekend; He, Shawn, Barry and long time family friend Larry Easley went to a Seahawks pre-season game and had a ball walking and visiting 4 bars along the way to get to the stadium!!! It is a Long Walk! Seems when Chris is here we end up going out to eat!

We hope this season is a joyous one for you and yours and remember those family members and friends who have gone before us. Our best wishes to you for 2006: Peace and Prosperity!

Lyle Johnston - It was great to hear about POMFLANT, as it has been one year since the last newsletter. I recognized only a few names in the "News from our members" entry of the newsletter, so I looked through the April 1993 POMFLANT phone book, and discovered that most of those members had retired or left POMFLANT prior to that time. It was good to see the response from Buddy Gaillard, as I worked for him until he left to go to King's Bay.

What/when/where is the SSP 50th Anniversary Party (Click Here) ? I realize that it is too late to make reservations, but it would be nice to know the details.

I have worked in Civil Engineering here at the Charleston Air Force Base since leaving POMFLANT December 8, 1993, and am enjoying it. While I am old enough to retire, I have not yet decided when to retire. Until I retire, you can use my work e-mail (Click Here) if you like, since I do not have a home e-mail address. Of course, you can always use my home address: 798 Dupre Lane, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464. I have marked April 8, 2006 on my calendar for the POMFLANT Picnic, and plan to attend. I think the Wannamaker County Park is in the general area as the "Whirling Waters" park; and I think I can find the Tupelo Shelter within the park.

Tom and Dianne Czulewicz - - I have retired to Summerville, South Carolina and I are living in Legend Oaks Plantation at 804 Long Drive Road.  Our new e-mail address is (Click Here). Dianne and I are looking forward to getting together with the folks in the Charleston area and whenever the next reunion gathering takes place.
Joseph B. Rodgers - My family is doing fine hope the same for you and yours.
Charles "Red" E. Chamberlain - I have just finished preaching my Sunday message on this Christmas morning. I spoke from Galatians 4 concerning the freedom we have in Christ Jesus to worship as we believe.  I cannot help then but to fondly remember each of you and your service to this nation that likewise enabled this freedom.

We were more than sailors; we were laborers in the fields of freedom constraining the darkness of atheistic communism from consuming the earth.  That we did our jobs well is evidenced now by the fall of the veil of Atheistic Communism from the earth.  We served in a time when the people of the nation little appreciated the sacrifices of such service and yet we persevered with a deliberated sense of duty born from a love of freedom and God and Nation.  Since leaving the service, I and many of you, have engaged in the conflict in a different, but no less demanding, arena fighting the war on a spiritual front.  I pray to God that we prevail throughout all our lifetimes so that the darkness does not engulf this Nation which we so valiantly served in the cause of freedom against Communism.

God Bless each of you this day, and a Merry Christmas and a Happy and a Prosperous New Year.

Donald R. Coffman - I would like to form a POMFLANT club in the Goose Creek, SC area, if people are interested. Please let me know (by e-mail, card, or letter). My home address is: 529 Myers Road, Summerville, SC 29483 and my e-mail address is: (Click Here). If you are interested, we can meet at the Goose Creek Senior Center. I will have a sign up sheet for those who are interested at the upcoming get together in April. Members will need to be thinking about how they can help. We will also need officers and members willing to help.
Gary Elgin - Asks does anyone remember the names of the T-AKs that used to ferry the Poseidon's over to Rota and Holy Lock? He is also looking for Jim Campbell (SSBN 599 USS Patrick Henry), Phillip Adams, Joni Carr, and Shaun Speer (POMFLANT). We believe that these are the T-AK's that supported the FBM Program: USNS Norwalk T-AK 279 (Rota early 70s), USNS Furman T-AK 280 (Guam), USNS Victoria T-AK 281 (Holy Loch early 70s), USNS Marshfield T-AK 282 (out of Charleston 80-90s), USNS Vega T-AK 286 (out of Charleston 80-90s). If anyone has any other information, please let us know.
Rosalie and Jim Lawrence - 2005 has been a busy year for us.  We attended our 18th straight reunion of the USS Whitehurst  (DE-634), in June, in Knoxville TN, took a 3 week bus trip to the Canadian Rockies, and some of the Northwest US, including Regina & Calgary Canada, and Yellowstone National Park, a rodeo in Wyoming, the Bad-Lands of S. Dakota and Mt. Rushmore.

In May, Jim and our son-in-law, Mike Steele (whose father, Leon Steele, worked at POMFLANT), went to the NASCAR race at Darlington SC.

Rosalie continues her volunteer work at one of the local hospitals (over 5-yrs now), and Jim is in his 5th year as a volunteer at the Retired Affairs Office, Naval Weapons Station.  He is also commencing his 23rd year as a volunteer South Carolina State Constable, and rides weekly with one of the Sargeants, with Berkeley County Sheriff's Department. It keeps his hand in law enforcement, and he really enjoys it.

Rosalie had a total knee replacement in September 2005, and has recovered completely, and we walk a mile daily in our neighborhood. Both our children live in the area, and we thoroughly enjoy our little 4-yr old granddaughter, "Gracy". We took a 5-day cruise, out of Jacksonville, in October 2005, to Nassau and Freeport, and really enjoyed it. That's about it for now, take care, and hope to see everyone at the POMFLANT reunion in April.

Ed Kaiser - We have moved to Evans, GA which is a suburban area of Augusta, GA. Our New E-mail is: (Click Here).
Rosi Freeman (formerly Tiessen) - I started my Civil Service career in 1974 as a GS-3 and retired as a Quality Assurance Specialist GS-11 in November of 2005, with 31 years and 6 months of dedicated Government service. Twenty-three of those years were spent working for the Strategic Systems Programs Fleet Ballistic Missile Program. The last 16 years were spent at the Strategic Weapons Facility, Atlantic (SWFLANT) in support of the US/UK Trident II D5 Missile Program. I have been a Clerk-Stenographer (for the USDA in Sacramento, California, and Honolulu, Hawaii); Clerk-Stenographer/Clerk-Dictation Machine Transcriber/Clerk-typing (CIC Pacific, Headquarters, Camp H. Smith, Aiea, Hawaii); and a Quality Assurance clerk (POMFLANT, Charleston, SC) and Quality Assurance Specialist at POMFLANT and SWFLANT. I received my Bachelor Degree in August 1982 from Charleston Southern University (formerly Baptist College) and am a member of Beta Sigma Phi. I received numerous awards and accolades during my long career. I currently live in Kingsland, GA, with my artist husband, Mitchell Freeman, and our animal companions, Grumbles (dog) and Mandy (cat).

Elmer G. Hunt - I have recently moved, at this time I do not have e-mail. My new home address is: 537 Gants Road, Moncks Corner, SC 29461.
Tom Stokes - I was in the Navy, rate SA, working in the communications section at POMFLANT from June 1966 to June 1967. During that year, the training I received from my superiors enabled me to pass my advancement test and become a Third Class Radioman. I have great memories of the base and the fine southern people. My Email is: (Click Here).
John C. and Bonnie Rogers - On 30 September 2005 John C. Rogers Jr., former POMFLANT employee in the Inspection Department SPC20, retired with 37 years of Federal service, from the Weapons QA Department, Trident Refit Facility, Kings Bay, GA. John and Bonnie will be remaining in the Woodbine, GA area, until Bonnie can retire in about 42 months. John will stay busy with his "Honey Do List" for quit awhile. After Bonnie retires they hope to return to South Carolina. Pictured are some of the former POMFLANT employees who traveled to Kingsland, GA on 13 August to celebrate his retirement and their 25th wedding anniversary (left to right: John Fortune, Ellen Robertson, Nancy Thomas (wife of Ron Thomas), Bonnie and John Rogers, Betty Kadoma, and Rosalie Lawrence. Not pictured but also in attendance was Todd Miller). (left to right: John Fortune, Ellen Robertson, Nancy Thomas (wife of Ron Thomas), Bonnie and John Rogers, Betty Kadoma, and Rosalie Lawrence)

Ron and Nancy Thomas - Our side business, Southeastern Synthetics, will continue to sponsor the website and the newsletter at no cost whatsoever to the Alumni Association. This includes the web, newsletter materials and any applicable postage costs.
New Members:

John A. “Reb” Burton
E-Mail: Click Here!
Patrick K. Pearcy
E-Mail: Click Here!
Kathy L. Knapp (Pearcy)
E-Mail: Click Here!
Todd Miller
E-Mail: Click Here!
Joe Aycock
E-Mail: Click Here!
Tom Stokes
E-Mail: Click Here!
Jessie D. Crockett
E-Mail: Click Here!
Debra (Debbie) S. Whitley
E-Mail: Click Here!
David Gieski
E-Mail: Click Here!
James Wilson
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John Rogers
E-Mail: Click Here!
Bonnie Rogers
E-Mail: Click Here!

E-Mail Address Changes:

Lew Miller
E-Mail: Click Here!
Horace G. Cunningham
E-Mail: Click Here!
Richard “Dick” A. Kronick
E-Mail: Click Here!
Phil Rogerson
E-Mail: Click Here!
Leonard “Lyle” Johnston
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Margie Brown
E-Mail: Click Here!
Mary P. “Jo” Smith
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Martin Biel
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Larry W. Easley
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John Dienes
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Glenn A. Kelsey
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Curtis F. Jenkins
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Donald W. Powell
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David Allen
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Martha L. Turner
E-Mail: Click Here!
Ron Thomas
E-Mail: Click Here!
Nancy Thomas
E-Mail: Click Here!
Bill and Betty Brandhorst
E-Mail: Click Here!
Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald
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Ed Kaiser
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Helen Cash
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Charlie Chears
E-Mail: Click Here!
Jack White
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Cindy Biller
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Angela Williams
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Robert W. Freeman
E-Mail: Click Here!

Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses:

Full Mailboxes, Over Quota, and Bad E-Mail Addresses File

Our Sad News:

Since our last newsletter, I have received information that the following co-workers, co-workers family members and friends have died:

Curtis Clyde Yant, Jr. - Civilian, passed 29 October 2005.

Wanda Joyce Hoge Criddle - Jim Criddle's Wife, passed 29 October 2005.

Olga Helen Shaddock - CDR (USN RET) Gil Shaddock's Wife, Civilian, passed 02 November 2005.

Connie M. Gaillard - P. G. "Buddy" Gaillard's, Wife, passed 15 December 2005.

Henry R. Keefer - Civilian, passed 22 February 2006.

Cathy P. Waymyers - Peterson President's Daughter, passed 23 February 2006.

Thelma Midge Lucinda Noel Detamore - Civilian, passed 24 February 2006.

Please keep us informed of any news about our POMFLANT family. We welcome any and all inputs for upcoming newsletters. Any inputs can be sent to the below E-Mail address at anytime and will get into the latest newsletter. Without your input we have little to write about.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

Take Care,
Ron and Nancy

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