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March 2005 - Issue 1

News from our Members:

H. Charles Wright - I was at POMFLANT when initial construction of its facilities was underway. Ed Biggerstaff, its Chief Engineer,was an icon at that strategic missile base. As commanding officers would come and go over the long years, the Chief Engineer would provide counsel for them and would insure continuity for its myriad, intricate programs. He would maintain close technical direction, and would control the many contractors that took part in the operations. Commanding officers depended heavily on his guidance and support.

He was very personable, and he was a firm,excellent manager. The smooth operation of the base depended on his thorough quality control methods and directives, methodically organized in a quality control handbook. He was a mentor to many. His sense of humor provided a needed flair to his highly-formal oversight position. His attention and expertise prevented chaos and contributed markedly to the success of POMFLANT and to our cold-war initiatives.

I knew him for many years. My office was next door to his in the engineering building. He was a close, treasured friend and a trusted ally. I wish I could have livedgeographically closer to him in his later years.

A few months ago, I wrote him a letter, expressing my thorough appreciation for his contributions to this country and for his special help to me personally. I was sorry to hear of his recent death. I am sure that his wife Ruth will greatly miss his companionship.

Pam Shafer - Writes to tell us that her father, Dominic L Haman, who retired from POMFLANT, passed away 25 May 2001.
Gary Trammell - Well, I had to check in to the hospital for an out-patient catheterization at noon yesterday for the procedure that was scheduled for 2:00 P.M. I was right on time checking in. Went up to the short-stay area and the nurses told me to strip to my socks and put this gown on. You know the infamous gown designed by C. More Butts. After the nurses finished getting my history and sticking me with needles and drawing blood I was put on a gurney and sent to the holding area. Got there at 1:23 pm, so I wouldn't have to wait very long for the procedure. Finally at 13 minutes after 4:00 P.M. they were ready to do the catheterization. Nothing like giving myself plenty of time to think about the procedure. The procedure went well. A quick summary by the doctor said I did not need a stint nor a balloon procedure but that I did have one artery 100 percent blocked. He told me he would treat it with meds. I'll get a full report Monday when I go to see the doctor that performed the procedure. However, the outcome at this point looks a lot better than the last doctor that did the procedure. My morale is certainly much higher now. Will let you know about the final results after my appointment Monday.

Well, I had my follow-up doctor's appointment today. Not much more than what I told you last Friday after the catheterization. I have one fully blocked artery but my heart is still getting enough oxygen rich blood. No need for either a balloon or stint treatment. The main artery bypass performed back in April 1994 is still doing its job. So he is going to continue to treat my condition with meds. He gave me a new prescription to add to my growing lists of meds to take. Plus he gave me the same routine, loose weight, exercise, and keeps my blood sugar and cholesterol down. That is about it. I feel fine, and he told me to go back to my normal activities.

Bob Hauge - Hi ya'll. Yes, I'm still chasing that little old Golf Ball up and down the fairways. However, I have moved to a Retirement Community which happens to have a Golf Course at my front door and I also, have my German Shepherd, Duke with me. My address is 1900 W. Alpha Court Apt 345, Lecanto, Fl 34461, phone 352-746-8745 and my e-mail address is RHauge@tampabay.rr.com. Yes, it's true that all the old shipmates from WW2 are slowly departing; reckon I'll be the last to go? Best Regards.
Rosalie and Jim Lawrence - Continue to enjoy retirement, and we are truly blessed with both our children being school teachers in Berkeley County, and with our beautiful three year old granddaughter, Morgan Grace (Gracy) Steele.

During 2004, we were able to take a couple of great trips with Carolina Tours out of Lexington, SC, with a pickup point in Summerville. We did a fourteen day cruise/land tour to Alaska, with a highlight being a dog sled ride. Just before Christmas we took a six day motor coach tour to New York City where we saw three shows, plus many more sights.

We continue to get together with some of the POMFLANT group at 0900 on Wednesday, at Perkins Restaurant, Ashley Phosphate and Rivers Avenue. Most of the "regulars" that attend are: Maurice and Peggy Kelsey, Sam and Vivian Bass, Leon Mayes, Howard Brutsch, John Fortune, Nolan Haye, George Dale, Otis Harris, and anyone else who may drop by. Come join us if you can on Wednesday mornings.

Steve Curry - I'm happy and proud to announce that my 3rd granddaughter, Caitlyn Marie Hunter, was born on September 14th, 2004. She's doing fine and gets lots of love and attention from both of her sisters, Makayla and Amber. My daughter and family now reside in Virginia Beach.
Connie Hill - Hello all, I do not have e-mail at home at the present time. I spend most of my day on the computer at work so this is the best place to get in touch with me (connie.hill@navy.mil).
Pam Shafer - Writes to tell us that her father, Dominic L Haman, who retired from POMFLANT, passed away 25 May 2001.
Mary Adams - This has been a big week (27 Jan 05) for me. I sold my home on Tuesday and today I bought my patio home "with no yard work". My new address is 117 Hardee Avenue, Summerville, SC 29485.

I have never bought and sold a home so this was a major experience for me. A new chapter in my life.

I will live here until February 24th and then the movers come. Until then I will be moving over some stuff each day. A contractor will be converting the screen porch to a sunroom and adding some shelving and finishing the storage area somewhat.

My house went on the market around the holidays and I really thought I would have a hard time selling but the second person that looked at it bought. It was sold "by owner" with a lot of help from my niece, who just happens to be in real estate sales. Will keep you posted.

Francis X. and Mary Archibald - We are traveling in SE Asia from January to March. We visited Taipei, Taiwan, late in January and flew from there to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where their son and daughter-in-law work and have a home. A couple of weeks of a parent-children reunion are underway. We are planning to visit such areas as Ho Chi Minh City (where I worked in 1973 for the Navy), Three Gorges in China, Bangkok and New Delhi. We cut their trip to SE Asia short and returned home after only three weeks in Taiwan and Malaysia. Mary took sick and a return to the states was in order, according to Archie. She is doing well now. While in Malaysia the Archibald's enjoyed staying with their son and his wife in Kuala Lumpur and doing a weekend in the ancient city of Malacca. He has put a few pictures of the trip on his web site. Archie was the first civilian Security Administrator at NWS and POMFLANT from 1960 - 1966.
Edward Daniels - I retired from the Navy at POMFLANT in August 1983. Jean & I have lived in Tampa Florida since that time. Soon I intend to retire from my present position of Chief of Administration at the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center.Accordingly, last night I was cleaning off my book shelf throwing away many old phone directories. Later I came up to the computer and looked around the Internet. I stumbled upon the POMFLANT Alumni Association and signed up.

Subsequently I remembered that one of the directories I had thrown away was a 1982 POMFLANT Organizational Roster.I dug it out of the trash & have it here on my desk. I am willing to mail it to you or to anyone else that you think might like it. If you want it drop me an address in return e-mail & I'll mail it off. Also, do you still meet each Wednesday AM at Shoney's on Ashley Phosphate?Jean & I visit Charleston 3-4 times a year & I'd like to drop in if possible. The next time we are scheduled to be there is in May for my niece's graduation from the C of C. Possibly we could drop in if you still meet.

Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald - Paul keeps us informed on Barbara Moyer's condition. (21 January 2005) Talked with one of her sons last night. Barbara is still on a respirator. She understandably is in a lot of pain when awake. Her condition remains the same and she is still in intensive care. Her son Lucky will travel to St. Petersburg on Friday and will remain there for at least a week. I hope to get to go over soon and maybe get more details.

(06 March 2005) I talked with one of her sons again today. Barbara has been moved to another hospital. She is now eating somewhat regular food. Her infection and pneumonia are gone. Assistance is given to her with moving arms/legs. Not walking as her strength is down. Talking is through a valve in her throat. Overall she is moving up a long steep hill. Someone in her family is with her during the day and on the weekend. I was able to locate in Charleston a hospital in this same group. It is on Calhoun St. Her family is investigating moving Barbara there. She is currently in: Kindred Healthcare, 3030 6th Street, St. Petersburg, FL 33705, Phone: (727) 894-8719.

(14 March 2005) We receive calls from her sons frequently. Barbara has been transferred to a second hospital. The latest is very good news. She is eating solid foods and all the tubes etc., except for oxygen clip to her nose have been removed. She was recently able to shower on her own. They expect to be able to release her in about a week.

(15 March 2005) Just returned from visiting Barbara. She is talking, eating regular food (hospital of course) and sits in a wheel chair to eat. She is receiving therapy for her limbs. She expects to be able to be transferred to Charleston in a week. She really has progressed since we last visited. Walked 150 feet yesterday with a walker and is proud of that.

Ron and Nancy Thomas - We welcome any and all inputs for upcoming newsletters. Any inputs can be sent to the below E-Mail address at anytime and will get into the latest newsletter. I have just had another ventral hernia operation, the fourth from the Gall Bladder surgery in 2001. I am recuperating fine and if the pain gets to bad, I have some great drugs. It is taking longer than expected to get the newsletter done, since I can only sit at the computer for short periods of time. I am currently on sick leave and will not return to work. I will be officially retiring from the Strategic Weapons Facility, Atlantic on 02 May 2005. Take care my friends. Our side business, Southeastern Synthetics, will continue to sponsor the website and the newsletter at no cost whatsoever to the Alumni Association. This includes the web, newsletter materials and any applicable postage costs.
Are You an SSP HERO? -

Do you know what SSP HERO is, or what's happening in SSP HERO?

SSP HERO (Historical, Educational, and Recognition Organization) was formed in the spring of 2000 to support the celebration of Strategic Systems Programs' 45th Anniversary. Since then, it's been evolving to support SSP through programs that educate people about the contributions SSP has made to the United States, to recognize achievements by individuals and groups that have worked on its programs, and to keep the history of Strategic Systems Programs from fading into obscurity.

Non-Profit Organization - Since inception, HERO's Board of Directors (BOD) has been very proactive in regrouping, reorganizing, and revitalizing the organization and to ensure HERO meets the requirements of a non-profit (501(c)(3)) charity recognized by the IRS and incorporated in the District of Columbia.

The Board of Director's of SSP HERO
PRESIDENT Vice Admiral (USN Retired) Ken Malley
VICE-PRESIDENT Joe DiPietrantonio (IEC Retired)
SECRETARY Captain Pete Boyne (USN Retired)
TREASURER Galen Gunderson (LMSS)

SSP's Official Liaison - Since Strategic Systems Programs maintains an interest in SSP HERO in that all of SSP HERO's programs may reflect on SSP, the DIRSSP has appointed an official liaison that attends all SSP HERO BOD meetings and reports any significant events or undertakings back to SSP directors. Susan Underwood (SP 2002) and Ginger Phillips (SP 2011) are the liaison team to the organization. They may be contacted at (202) 764-1557 and (202)-764-1551 respectively, regarding any questions pertaining to SSP HERO.

Membership - Membership in SSP HERO is automatic. Anyone that does any work connected to the Navy's Strategic Systems Programs becomes a life-time member of HERO. That includes all military (on land or sea), all civilian government, and all civilian industry partners - and the best part is that there is never any membership dues.

Volunteer Participation - Because of government ethics rules, neither the military or the government civilian employees of SSP may hold positions of responsibility in the HERO organization, nor may they use their positions in the government to influence anyone regarding SSP HERO. However, all members may volunteer to work for the organization on their off-duty time.

Industry Partners - SSP HERO briefed SSP's industry partners about the organization's progress, on developments that transpired since the SSP 45th Anniversary Dinner; and in what direction HERO is headed. All industry partners were encouraged to identify a representative for their organization who would act as the point of contact for HERO information. SSP's industry partners were also asked to offer suggestions of how HERO could meet its mission to support the Strategic Systems Programs in all aspects of Historical, Educational, and Recognition efforts.

Past Achievements - SSP HERO has supported SSP's 45th Anniversary Dinner; several "Take your Children to work Days", SWFPAC's D-5 Activation Celebration, official recognition of award recipients in both government and industry, and educational trips by school children.

Future initiatives of SSP HERO:

1. SSP HERO Web Page (in process).

2. Charitable contributions from both individuals and organizations.

3. The creation of a current mailing list of corporate and government retirees (We really need help with this one E-Mail at Betty Lou Gantzler if you know of folks that would like to be included on a list for future mailings/invitations from HERO).

4. Spreading the word about SSP HERO.

5. Getting the information out for

The 50th Anniversary Celebration of Strategic Systems Programs
29 September 2005
At the McLean Hilton in Tyson's Corner
Mark your calendars!

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TMCM(SS/SW/DV) Thomas S. Beach
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Our Sad News:

Since our last newsletter, I have received information that the following co-workers, co-workers family members and friends have died:

Dominic L. Haman - Civilian, passed 25 May 2001.

CDR Oscar H. Schmidt - USN Retired - Military, passed 16 August 2003.

Edward D. Biggerstaff, Jr. - Civilian, passed 13 November 2004.

Wilbur Nordlof - Civilian, passed 28 January 2005.

Please keep us informed of any news about our POMFLANT family.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses and or your current snail mail address and telephone number changes.

Please send us information for the next Newsletter. Without your input we have little to write about. Take Care, Ron and Nancy

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