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29 March 1960 - 05 January 1995

POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter

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March 2003 - Issue 1

The POMFLANT Alumni, organized 10 years ago. The yearly Get Togethers are the only time most of us see each other during the year and the newsletters have been providing us with additional information about our members. As you all know, I have taken over the newsletter and Helen Cash has recently volunteered coordinate our Get Togethers.....Thanks Helen!

News from our Members:

Dottie Brace - Moved back to Goose Creek last year. Her new address is: 252 Foxborough Road Goose Creek, SC 29445, 843-572-2014.

Trena Haskell - New contact information below. Trena Haskell, Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, PA, P. O. Box 340, Charleston, SC 29402, (843) 724-1128, FAX (843) 722-2266, E-Mail: thaskell@hsblawfirm.com. I used to be secretary in the Comptroller Department (SPC-13). Also, please note that I've dropped the hyphenated name and have gone back to Haskell. (Fortrena Haskell f/k/a Fortrena Haskell-Alston). My home phone has changed: 843-753-2192.†

Jimmie A. Bartee - Please change to my new E-Mail address: jimmie.bartee@cnet.navy.mil. My old E-Mail address was: barteeja@pwcpens.navy.mil. My new work address is: Jimmie A. Bartee, Natural Resource Manager, 7131 USS Wasp Rd., Milton, FL, 32570, 850-623-7181.

Grady Woodard - Just got on the Internet recently, used your reference from the Newsletter. My Office Code was SPC-1114, Operation Planning (I worked under Jim Bates).

I have been busy in retirement doing stuff. One thing I just completed was a replica of Apollo 8 for the USS Yorktown (work from my previous employer, NASA). I could send you something about the project, a picture of me and the project.

Apollo 8 Capsule on the USS Yorktown Inside of the Apollo 8 Capsule on the USS Yorktown

Look forward getting the Newsletter and reading about my co-workers. Let me know if you can use news about the Apollo 8 project. Thanks for doing a great job.

Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald - Paul has been hired by Universal Orlando as a Security Officer. Only working part time even though with the holiday season the hours have increased. Couldn't stand just hanging out anymore. So if, you go to Universal Orlando or Islands of Adventure there is a good chance of seeing him. They furnish and even wash his uniform after each use. It is about 20 miles from his house in Kissimmee so drive is not much. Doesn't use the I4 (parking lot as it is locally known) to get there, too many backups. Rachel is about the same. Still putting up with Paul. Physical address: 1597 London Court, Kissimmee, FL 34746, 407-343-1603. Mail address: Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald, 3590 Roundbottom Rd., PMB F154239, Cincinnati, Oh, 45244, 800-445-1732, Box F154239.

Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald - Have a their own POMFLANT Web Page the URL is http://www.members.tripod.com/paulandrachel/pomflant.htm

Bob Hauge - Yup, I'm still on earth and still chasing that little old Golf Ball up and down the fairway, trees, bunkers and yes, the water. Just wanted to let you know that I have a change of e-mail address. In lieu of AOL, it's now MSN new E-Mail: Winmillbob@msn.com. I have been busy in arranging Navy Reunions throughout the USA and that keeps me pretty active in three different ship reunions. Although I served on 9 ships, just can't attend them all.

Ron and Nancy Thomas - My side business, Southeastern Synthetics, will continue to sponsor the website and the newsletter at no cost whatsoever to the Alumni Association. This includes the web, newsletter materials and any applicable postage costs.

Paul and Deborah Weaver - Just a note to say it has been an interesting and busy year. Several dear friends and relatives have passed away, and several additions to the Weaver clan have been made as well. We were able to be with Alice Ann on her 30th and Skylerís 2nd birthday. Phillip, Alice, and Skyler are doing great. During the trip to Texas we also were reunited with several family members that I had not seen in over 30 years. Deborah has recovered from a fall, in June, which required pins, plates, and rods in her right wrist. She has regained 95% usage, in all directions, which the doctors did not expect to happen. Work has been stable, for which we are extremely grateful, including a corporate trip to Colorado Springs. We were able to spend a weekend in Ohio, in November. It was one of my [younger] brothers monumental birthday. It was a grand time; being the first 100% family reunion weíve had since Dadís passing 6 years ago. E-Mail us at: pbsphoto@hiwaay.net.

Charles Giette - Ava and I are so proud of our children, both are teaching school. My son, Scott is teaching school in Blue Ridge, GA (he moved from Ft Worth, Texas). Nice to have him and family close by. My Daughter, Melissa after 23 years of school (that's right 23 years of school), she is teaching school in Macedonia.

We have 3 grandchildren and one on the way, I love it. Isn't life wonderful! Of course you all know I have always had fun, heck life it to short not too!

I spent a good part of last summer with them, helping my son build a house on the top of a mountain, in GA, a three-story house, with a wonderful view. We had it 80% complete, when it was destroyed by fire (no electricity to the house, no lightening reported in the area). What a heartbreaker! Even the basement and foundation had to be replaced because of the intense heat. He is teaching and did not have time to devote to it over the winter, so he decided to subcontract it out this time. Looks like it will be back to where we had it by Spring. They are anxious to move in.

Ava does a lot of volunteer work, The Charleston Preservation Society (she is a senior docent, gives tours of houses and gardens), Friends of the Dock Street Theater, Communities in Schools (A board member for the Chocolate Affair), etc.

I teach a few Outdoor Photography classes each year for the Charleston County Parks Service at Caw Caw in Ravenel, but our favorite adventure is cruising!

We still manage to cruise twice a year, beautiful waters, great ports of call, we love it. If you have never cruised or even if you have, you will not believe the new ships. Several POMFLANT retires, travel with us, time and time again. You will not believe how much fun it is! What an inexpensive way to be treated like royalty. If you have any interest check out my website http://www.members.tripod.com/t2seal/. You can also contact me at 843-873-1169 or Mary Adams 843-873-4596.

Our Sad News:

Since our last newsletter, I have received information that the following co-workers and friends have passed:

Christine Broadwell: Lockheed employee passed on 16 September 2002.

Billy D. Adams: Mary Adamsí Husband passed on 29 October 2002.

Please keep us informed of any news about our POMFLANT family.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses.

Please keep Ron and Nancy Thomas informed of your current snail mail address and telephone number changes. Take Care

Please send us information for the next Newsletter. Without your input we have little to write about. Ron and Nancy

Hope to see you all at the next Get Together!

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