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POMFLANT Alumni Newsletter

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September 2002 - Issue 2

The POMFLANT Alumni, organized 9 years ago. The yearly Get Togethers are the only time most of us see each other during the year and the newsletters have been providing us with additional information about our members. As you all know, I have taken over the newsletter and Helen Cash has recently volunteered coordinate our Get Togethers.....Thanks Helen!

News from our Members:

Don Coffman - I am glad that Helen Cash has agreed to coordinate our get togethers. As past, treasurer of our group I have a little money to support the newsletter and the get together. I think we should form a group in this area and elect a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership chairman, correspondence chairman, etc. I suggest you could put that in your newsletter, I also suggest you reduce the number of pages and the length of the articles and use E-Mail. Use the Postal Service only where needed, due to it's cost. At our next get together we can discuss and plan this.

Mary Adams - To All My POMFLANT Friends, the year 2002 has not been kind to "The Adams Family". In January a runaway driver wrecked my Jeep while he was carrying stolen goods in the car. He was arrested, but I don't think they have done anything about his reckless driving. I did not get hurt because he hit the rear of the car. Because the axle on my car was bent, I ended up getting a new 2002 Jeep exactly like my old one.

Then in February, Billy was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and has been on full time oxygen since that time. He was in Trident Hospital for 19 days.  For 2/3 months, he seem to get along okay but in June his health again deteriorated and after tests he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He has been taking chemotherapy treatments which has been very bad on him.  Then to top it all off, on June 16th, our son Mark accidentally shot himself in the leg while removing bullets from a weapon. He was sent to MUSC from Myrtle Beach by helicopter and he was there for 17 days. After 3 surgeries, on July 3rd, he came to Summerville to stay with us during his recovery. For 2 weeks now he has been in physical therapy at HealthSouth three times a week. He has one more surgery in September to replace the bone with grafts from his hip. We are not sure when he can return to Myrtle Beach.  He has a rod in his left leg from the knee to the ankle and a muscle flap, taken from the inside of his leg, covering the wound.  Then it was all covered with skin grafts from his upper leg. I have no good news to report but hopefully things will begin to change for us soon.

I miss not seeing everyone once a year at our get togethers.  Hopefully someone will take over this responsibility. 

Marilyn Thomas (Roland) - I retired from Naval Aviation Depot, Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, in October 2001. I am really enjoying retirement. We are living part of the year in Orange Park, Florida and the other part in Brevard, NC. We bought a house in the mountains about three years ago. It is located about 6 miles from Brevard. The weather is great and there are many things to do. In our spare time, we buy cars for people at dealer only car auctions. My husband told me that I would wonder how I ever had time to go to work. It's true we have been so busy. Looking forward to a get together in the fall.

Buddy Galliard - Connie and I are doing fine down in Ocala, Florida. We are still playing a lot of golf and I am starting my 32nd season of racing motorcycles.

Jack and Ann White - Still maintaining at our country estate in the Lebanon community in South Carolina, loving retirement, doing a little boating, fishing and generally enjoying life. We are going to be Grandparents in October 2002.

Paul and Rachel Fitzgerald - Have a their own POMFLANT Web Page the URL is http://www.members.tripod.com/paulandrachel/pomflant.htm

Ron and Nancy Thomas - Have a been keeping busy with home projects. We put in an irrigation shallow well and a sprinkler system this year. We finally got tired of dragging hoses around our acre lot. We also needed to reroof our house this year. Looking at alternative roofing materials, we found a company who makes aluminum shingles which, look like cedar shakes and are guaranteed for life. A little more expensive, but they were cheaper in the long run. We did not want the expense of reshingling again after we retire. Ron will probably go in May of 2005 and I am eligible in July of 2006. To address the item that Don Coffman brought up above, my side business, Southeastern Synthetics, will continue to sponsor the website and the newsletter at no cost whatsoever to the Alumni Association. This includes the web, newsletter materials and any applicable postage costs.

New Photos Added - Some newly acquired photographs have been added to the Photos Page. If you have a date or additional information on the A3 Polaris Incident, please let me know. Looking at the price of a gallon of gas on a sign in one of the photos, it was probably late 1960s to early 1970s.

Our Sad News:

Since our last newsletter, I have received information that the following co-workers and friends have passed:

CORRECTION - Jesse Hudson (Calibration Laboratory) Passed 19 August 2002.

Note - Jesse Hudson, who worked in the Motor Complex is currently doing well. Thanks for that bit of news, from Stan Vernon. There were two Jesse Hudson's who worked at POMFLANT. The Jesse who passed was there and supposedly retired prior to 1974.

Please keep us informed of any news about our POMFLANT family.

Please keep Ron Thomas and John Maney up to date on your e-mail addresses.

Please keep Ron and Nancy Thomas informed of your current snail mail address and telephone number changes. Take Care

Please send us information for the next Newsletter. Without your input we have little to write about. Ron and Nancy

Hope to see you all at the next Get Together!

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