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34 Years of Service to the Fleet
29 March 1960 - 05 January 1995

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Compiled by H. Roger Keefer

The Base is being used by the Army to repair military equipment and provide supplies for the ships that travel between Charleston and the troubled areas of the world such as Iraq right now. The work force varies, there is a Civil Service force of approximately 50 or so workers who manage any where from 125 to 500+ contractor workers. This all depends on how much work is taking place, the work force goes up and down constantly. The workers are mostly mechanic type and supply people who order Army supplies. Workers work on tanks, trucks, trailers, humvees (new type Jeeps), and like type equipment. At times there are 1000's of pieces equipment in buildings and parked on numerous parking lots all over the base. It is extremely busy at times and very, very slow at others with a small crew of people working in the buildings. There is a lot of former Army people who make up the work force. There is a few former POMFLANT people, Ginger Bassett, Leon Steele, T. J. Stanfill, Maurice Teague, Glenn McGee, and myself.

The looks of the Base has changed in many ways yet some of the buildings have been modified inside to accommodate the type of work required. All the Missile equipment has been removed of course, this taking place years ago. They have came in and planted thousands of trees in some areas between the buildings (Tree City, USA program). The Guard Towers have been removed. The inner fence has been removed, leaving only the outer fence in place. The old (Motor Paint Building), Bldg 354, has been removed. The Guard shack at Post 9 has been torn down (Bldg 311 ?) Some of the bunkers have been removed or partially removed. Post 11 and the Inner Security Gates have all been removed. Bldg 316, (Steam Plant) has been torn down. Bldg 314, (Emergency Generator Building) is being torn down as I write this.

There is now several large concrete (for track vehicles such as tanks) and asphalt parking lots all over the base. A 13 acre lot North of the old Post 11. A five acre lot near the rail head by the newest water tower. One lot of approximately five acres near Bldg 864, a five acre lot near REB 3 (now used for medical supplies USSAMA). A three acre lot West of Building 318 ICCB. A five acre lot near the old Post 11 gate. There is a large asphalt lot of ten or so acres West of Bldg 869 (ISB-2). This is used to store empty containers which are filled with supplies and placed on the ships. There is a large test track located North West of Bldg 850 (NWS Bldg). The missile magazines sit idle not being used (except ones used by NWS).

The Cal Lab (TSB), Bldg 450, is now used by SPAWAR for their calibration work. Bldg 318( ICPB) is used for the Army Command, also some communications operations are performed in the back of the building. Bldg 358 (HSSB), small supply type building near by, has been reworked and houses numerous Civil Service Workers. Bldg 317 (IOW), Supply is still being used the same as before, shipping and receiving. The numerous small Supply type building near by are used the same. Building 320, (CRB) is now used for a large high bin supply building with high lift fork lift type equipment to go up 30 or so feet to retrieve parts. The old Container Shed (Bldg 867) is now used to store large bulk military material. Reb 3 (Bldg 456) is for medical supplies as I mentioned earlier. (ECCB) Bldg 356 is now used by a few Reservist as a office. (MIB), Bldg. 324 is now used as a Motor Pool to house drivers. (NDTIB), Bldg 346 is being used as a hazard material handling building. Bldg 863 (RIB) 1 is being used as a plant property management building and also Safety Department office is located in this building. Bldg 864, (RIB 2) is being used as a DRMO building. DRMO is the storage and shipment of failed large military equipment that has to be sold for junk. Building 458 and 459 (MAPB 1 & 2) are being used for the repair of small type military equipment, there is a welding shop located inside these buildings also. Bldg 328, (MAB-1) (Single Line) is being used for the repair of trailers. Bldg 461(VMPB) is being used for the repair of small items such as gasoline generators, lights, etc. Building 850, (WMF), (Weapons Station Building) is being used for the repair of Ordnance Equipment. Bldg 344, (MACB) is being used as a office building for the contractor. Bldg 322, (REB-1) is being used by few people working on material for containers. Bldg 869 (ISB-2) is a container operations building that is extremely busy putting thousands of items in containers that are placed on the ships. Bldg 350 (TF) Transfer Building is not being used, it sits idle. Building 302 (ESB) is used by several different organizations form local military commands. Such as Pass and ID, Security, PSD, SATO, HRO, Finance for WPNSTA, EEO, Communications, and Limehouse College. Handling Bldg (455) EMB, is used very little, once in a while for a meeting, Salt Treaty meeting is held in this building when the Russians come to the base for inspection. Bldg 348, (REB-2) is being used for medical supplies operations (USSAMA) along with Bldg 456.

I'm sure I have left out some things of interest. I have tried to provide things that might interest those who know nothing about what is taking place at the old POMFLANT FACILITY. The quality of people are not as good but the Base is being used for the security of our nation. I hope this has provided you with some things of interest.

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