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34 Years of Service to the Fleet
29 March 1960 - 05 January 1995

Honoring Those Who Served and Passed On
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Wendal Ackerman, Lockheed. (Passed 1997)
Claude "Mike" Adair, Lockheed. (Passed 11 Aug 2004)
Billy Dean Adams, (Mary Adam's Husband). (Passed 29 Oct 2002)
Bill Alge, Lockheed. (Passed 18 Mar 2001)
Laura A. Allen, (wife of Robert P. Allen), Lockheed. (Passed Sep 2007)
Magdalene Antley, Civilian (Bob Antley's wife). (Passed 25 Jun 2006)
Robert B. Antley, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 09 Jan 2000)
CAPT Robert W. Archer (USN Retired), Miltary. (Passed 02 Jun 2009)
Vern Bacon, Miltary. (Passed Date Unknown)
CAPT James Riley Bailey, Sr. (USN Retired), Miltary. (Passed 12 Apr 2004)
Jim Bales, Military. (Passed Date Unknown)
Lester "Frenchie" Banegas, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Marshall Barrs, Lockheed. (Passed 25 May 1996)
Roy James "Sam" Bass, Lockheed. (Passed 31 Mar 2017)
Vivian Cecilia Bass (wife of Roy J. "Sam" Bass). (Passed 09 Jan 2009)
JR Benton, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Edward D. Biggerstaff, Jr., Civilian. (Passed 13 Nov 2004)
Narvie Lee Bilbray, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 05 Sep 2008)
LCDR Alfred James Billings (USN Retired), Military. (Passed 07 Jun 2007)
Herb Bishop, Civilian. (Passed 21 Dec 1999)
Presley Blackmon, Civilian. (Passed 12 Jan 2003)
Charles A. Blaich, Civilian. (Passed 22 Mar 2007)
William David Brandt, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 23 Oct 2006)
Dennis R. Brantley, Civilian. (Passed 27 Jul 2017)
Ralph Bray, Civilian. (Passed 07 May 2002)
Howard Breusch, Civilian. (Passed Oct 2014)
Christine Broadwell, Lockheed. (Passed 16 Sep 2002)
Bob Brock, Lockheed. (Passed 20 Jun 2004)
Eugene Brooks, Civilian. (Passed 29 Dec 1999)
Arthur Roger "AR" Brown, Civilian. (Passed 20 May 2009)
Katherine "Susie" B. Brown, Civilian. (Passed 31 Dec 2015)
Bobby G. Brownlee, Lockheed. (Passed 20 Aug 2014)
Captain S. Bruce Butrym, Military. (Passed 30 Jul 2004)
Elizabeth “BeBe” F. Butrym – Civilian, Passed 14 March 2013 (CAPT S. Bruce Butrym's Wife)
Bobbie "Bob" Wayne Bush, Lockheed. (Passed 01 Jun 2003)
Kenneth V. "Ken" Byrd, Civilian. (Passed 03 Jun 2000)
Roy Carson, Civilian. (Passed 24 Mar 2012)
John S. Carter, Civilian. (Passed 21 Mar 1990)
Robert W. Chinn, Military. (Passed 09 Dec 2008)
Grace Bolen Claiborne, (Theodore C. Claiborne's Wife). (Passed 31 Oct 2010)
Murphy Cochran, Jr., Civilian. (Passed 01 Nov 2008)
Donald R. Coffman, Civilian. (Passed 26 Mar 2007)
Johnny A. Cone, Lockheed. (Passed 14 Jan 2005)
Joe Conner, Military. Passed 2005)
Gary M. Cope, Lockheed. (Passed 24 Jun 2004)
Rhonda L. Cope, (Gary M. Cope's Daughter). (Passed 03 Dec 2001)
Novell Edward "Ed" Cotner, Civilian. (Passed 07 Feb 2010)
Luther E. Cowart, Civilian. (Passed 03 Jun 2008)
Gladys A. Cox, Lockheed. (Passed 08 Mar 2010)
Harry C. Cox, Miltary. (Passed Date Unknown)
James F. Criddle, Sr., Civilian/Lockheed. (Passed 17 Nov 2015)
Wanda Joyce Hoge Criddle, (Jim Criddle's Wife). (Passed 29 Oct 2005)
Gill Crocker, Lockheed. (Passed Nov 2003)
Calvin Cumbee, Civilian. (Passed 19 Jan 2009)
John P. Dailey, Lockheed. (Passed 18 Sep 2008)
Joseph F. Darby, Lockheed. (Passed 24 Dec 2007)
Joseph T. Davis, Lockheed. (Passed 11 Feb 2011)
Tony J. Davis (Passed Fall 2006)
L. H. "Dave" "Jack" Davenport, Civilian. (Passed 03 Feb 2011)
Leo A. Dawson, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Harold E. "King Reb" Denton, Civilian. (Passed 16 Mar 2016)
Pauline L. "Dube" Deschenes, Former Military Wife. (Passed 14 Dec 2008)
Thelma Midge Lucinda Noel Detamore, Civilian. (Passed 24 Feb 2006)
Arvel Freneau Dixon, Civilian. (Passed 14 Dec 2008)
Bill Dixon, Civilian. (Passed 12 Nov 1998)
Jesse J. Dobbs, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 26 Feb 2010)
Sam Dollar, Lockheed. (Passed Dec 2006)
Roy Ducker, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Thomas R. Dufek, Civilian. (Passed 09 Aug 2008)
William "Bill" G. Duncan, Lockheed. (Passed Jul 2007)
Robert "Bob" Durden, Civilian. (Passed 27 Apr 2001)
Phillip L. Edwards, Sr., Military/Lockheed. (Passed 09 Jul 2010)
Robert Emerson, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
John English, Lockheed. (Passed 19 Dec 2001)
Bernard E. (Bernie) Esser, Jr., Lockheed. (Passed 23 Jun 2013)
Marshall W. Farber, Westinghouse. (Passed 29 Feb 2004)
Larry Felton, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
John Finley, Lockheed. (Passed 12 Jan 2004)
Thomas Fisher, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Rachel D. Fitzgerald, (Paul Fitzgerald's Wife). (Passed 24 Feb 2008)
Richard M. "Dick" Fleming, Civilian. (Passed 19 Jun 2004)
Wanda Fosdick, Wife of Ron Fosdick, Civilian. (Passed 24 Jan 2012)
Jim Freeman, Military. (Passed 02 Nov 2001)
Gil French, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Margaret B. Fulcher (E. C. "Red" Fulcher's Wife). (Passed 21 Oct 2011)
Walter "Bud" Fulda, Civilian. (Passed 24 Feb 2002)
Ronald Fuller, Lockheed. (Passed 1992)
Connie M. Gaillard, (P. G. "Buddy" Gaillard's Wife). (Passed 15 Dec 2005)
Perkins G. "Buddy" Gaillard, Civilian. (Passed 07 Dec 2013)
Admiral Ignatius Joseph "Pete" Galantin, Military. (Passed 06 Jul 2004)
Jude Thomas Gehlmann, Lockheed. (Passed 19 May 2015)
Betty P. Gibson, Lockheed. (Passed 07 Jul 2013)
John Russell "Jack" Gignilliat, Civilian. (Passed 24 Dec 2000)
Robert Melvin Gilbert, Civilian. (Passed 19 Aug 2008)
Kenneth Gilliam, Lockheed. (Passed Apr 2010)
Ronald L. Glover, Civilian. (Passed 23 Jan 2007)
James A. Gore, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 23 Jan 2003)
Joanne L. Gore, Organization Unknown. (Passed 23 Jan 2005)
Ronald E. Gossen, Lockheed. (Passed 29 Sep 2009)
Thelbert O. "Bud" Grantham, Lockheed. (Passed 24 Aug 2008)
Ruth E. Greene, Civilian. (Passed 15 Aug 2011)
Betty Grubbs, (Al Grubb's Wife). (Passed 06 Aug 2003)
Ann Huxford Guerry, Lockheed. (Passed 04 Aug 2007)
Michael Domenick Guido. Ron and Nancy Thomas' Grandson. (Passed 04 Jan 2007)
William "Billy" G. Hair, Lockheed. (Passed 24 Aug 2003)
John H. Hale, Civilian. (Passed 23 Jun 2013)
Dominic L. Haman, Civilian. (Passed 25 May 2001)
Richard D. Hamilton, Lockheed. (Passed 14 Apr 2010)
CDR Charles T. Hampton, Sr., Military. (Passed 18 Nov 2003)
Otis C. Harris, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 07 May 2008)
Gail Hausen, (Ed Hausen's Wife). (Passed 11 Aug 2003)
James Haverkamp, Lockheed. (Passed 15 Jun 2012)
Marie W. Helpingstine, Organization Unknown. (Passed 13 April 2002)
Hugh R. Herrick, Military/Civilian. (Passed 27 Sep 1999)
Robert W. Hess, Lockheed. (Passed 22 Dec 2014)
LT Leroy L. Hill, Military. (Passed 21 Jun 2007)
Harry "Happy" R. Holseberg, Lockheed. (Passed 02 Dec 2008)
Adele Holleman, (Joe Holleman's wife). (Passed Mar 2000)
Joseph Tullie Holleman, Civilian. (Passed 08 Feb 2015)
Llwyn L. Howland, Civilian. (Passed 15 Jan 2009)
Jesse Hudson (Cal Lab), Civilian. (Passed 19 Aug 2002)
Charles "Chuck" M. Hughey, Civilian. (Passed 01 May 2008)
LT Elmer G. Hunt, Military/Lockheed. (Passed 28 Feb 2007)
Roger A. Igoe, Lockheed. (Passed 06 Feb 2014)
Joe Inman, Civilian. (Passed 22 Oct 2000)
Curtis F. "Scoop" Jenkins, Jr., Lockheed. (Passed 07 Sep 2015)
Tom Jenkins, Lockeed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Charlie W. Johnson, Civilian. (Passed May 1998)
Gene R. Johnson, Lockheed. (Passed 13 Aug 2000)
Frank M. "FM" Jones, Civilian. (Passed 30 Dec 1999)
Haley Jordan. Paula (Tumbleston) Baker's Daughter. (Passed May 1998)
Henry R. Keefer, Civilian. (Passed 22 Feb 2006)
Maurice L. Kelsey, Civilian. (Passed 23 May 2007)
LCDR John P. Kennedy, Military. (Passed 21 May 2014)
Robert H. Kilpatrick, Civilian. (Passed 14 Dec 2013)
Carlton King, Lockheed. (Passed 1992)
Harry V. King, Lockheed. (Passed Dec 2001)
Hugh Brock King, Civilian. (Passed 03 Sep 2001)
Charles "Chuck" Kisabeth, Lockheed. (Passed Feb 2012)
Kent F. Kleckner, Military/LockHeed. (Passed 02 Apr 2006)
Mary Elizabeth "Libba" Kleckner, (Kent Kleckner's wife). (Passed 12 Jun 2004)
Daniel M. Knight, Lockheed. (Passed 04 Feb 2000)
Lela A. Knox, Civilian. (Passed 06 Dec 2009)
Juanita "Nita" Kohl, Civilian (Phil Kohl's Wife). (Passed 11 Apr 2014)
Paul Kress, Lockheed. (Passed 20 Jul 2004)
Josh M. Ladson, Civilian. (Passed 02 May 2001)
Hilton Laidlaw, Civilian (Passed Aug 1999)
Richard "Dicky" H. Laidlaw, Civilian. (Passed 26 Jul 2015)
Henry N. Lamb, Civilian. (Passed 15 Apr 2008)
Pressley Lambert. (Passed 22 Mar 1999)
E. E. "Gene" Lappe, Lockheed. (Passed 24 Jun 1996)
William "Bill" Laughlin, Lockeed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Marion Leamey, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Wilson "Jake" Vernon Lemacks, Lockheed. (Passed 26 Jun 2001)
Charles "Chuck" R. Llewellyn, Civilian. (Passed 12 Dec 2012)
Nathan Logan, Lockheed. (Passed 27 Apr 2001)
Hoyt M. Long, Lockheed. (Passed 01 Jan 2008)
Stephen L. Lucas, Military. (Passed 24 Jul 2009)
Robert J. Marangelli, Civilian. (Passed 16 Mar 2016)
Phil Marshall, Military. (Passed Date Unknown)
Michael Matthews, Military and Lockheed. (Passed 03 Jun 2016)
Bobby Wayne McBride, Lockheed. (Passed 03 Jan 2001)
Doris McCarthy, Civilian. (Passed Jun 1998)
Isiah T. McClary, Civilian. (Passed 17 Nov 2014)
Cecil McCullough, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Donald McCutcheon, (Passed 13 Dec 2001)
Donald McKinley, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Captain W. R. McKinney, Military. (Passed Date Unknown)
Michael "Mac" L. McLuskey, Military and Lockheed. (Passed 04 Sep 2015)
James E. McNamara, Military and Lockheed. (Passed 10 Jul 2017)
David G. McNeely, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Nancy A. McNeely, (David G. McNeely's Wife). (Passed 18 August 2011)
John T. McSwain, Civilian. (Passed 07 Feb 2010)
Allan E. Meacher, Civilian. (Passed 06 Mar 2006)
MT1(SS) Bruce F. Meadows, Military. (Passed 30 Sep 2000)
Robert M. Mercer, AeroJet General. (Passed 18 Aug 2015)
Gene Milligan, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Gayl Mino, Civilian. (Passed Aug 1987)
Duane V. Mitton, Lockheed. (Passed 11 Feb 2016)
Pat Mizell, Civilian. (Passed 24 Jun 2001)
Duaine "Monty" Montoure, Civilian. (Passed Jul 1998)
Ralph Morrison, Lockheed. (Passed 24 Oct 2000)
Farouk S. Morsi, Civilian. (Passed 28 Dec 1996)
Charles K. "Chuck" Myers, Lockheed. (Passed 09 Oct 2010)
William Myers, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Clarence R. (Ray) Newlin, Jr., Civilian. (Passed 04 Feb 1999)
Luder Nix, Civilian. (Passed 17 Sep 1998)
Wilbur Nordlof, Civilian. (Passed 28 Jan 2005)
Ken Ohrt, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Roy Elbert Parker, (USN Retired), Military and Lockheed. (Passed 30 Aug 2017)
Doris Peak (Pelligrini), Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Gerry Pearson, Hercules. (Passed 13 Jan 2006)
Bobby L. Peele, Civilian. (Passed 03 Jan 2009)
J. Percival "Percy" Petit, Lockheed. (Passed Jan 1994)
James "Jim" Perry, Civilian. (Passed 23 May 2000)
Tom Pickelsimer, Civilian. (Passed 13 Feb 2004)
Paul Pietsch, GEOS. (Passed Date Unknown)
Shelley Pilacky's, Father. (Passed Sep 1998)
Raymond L. Pinson, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Joy Presnick, Civilian. (Passed 08 Aug 2012)
Peter Presnick, (Joy Presnick's Husband). (Passed 17 Jun 2004)
Wilbert Ramirez, Civilian. (Passed 28 Apr 2009)
Dorothy P. Richardson, Civilian, Passed 15 November 2015
Mary Roach, Civilian. (Passed 06 May 2002)
John C. Rogers, Lockheed. (Passed 28 May 2006)
Philip C. Rogerson, Lockheed. (Passed 29 Jan 2008)
Eugene Richard Rupp, Civilian. (Passed 17 Nov 1998)
Robert (Bob) Ryan, Miltary. (Passed Feb 2001)
S. Brown Sanders, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 01 Feb 2006)
CDR Oscar H. Schmidt, Military. (Passed 16 Aug 2003)
John Wilson Schultze, Lockheed. (Passed 01 Apr 1985)
Samuel Joseph Searles, Lockheed. (Passed 24 Feb 2011)
Patricia F. Sease, (Wife of Robert D. Sease). (Passed 23 Oct 2011)
Bobby Gene Sentell, Civilian. (Passed 17 Mar 2004)
CDR Gilbert "GIL" P. Shaddock, Military. (Passed 28 Jan 2014)
Olga Helen Shaddock, (CDR (USN Retired) Gil Shaddock's Wife), Civilian. (Passed 02 Nov 2005)
Donald Sharkey, Civilian. (Passed May 1998)
Harry O. Shaw, Civilian. (Passed 07 Aug 1996)
William C. Shuford, Lockheed. (Passed 29 Aug 2009)
Robert "Bob" E. Sibley, Jr., Lockheed. (Passed 02 Sep 2010)
Jim Simpson, Civilian. (Passed 2000)
Randolph Maynard Sink, Hercules. (Passed 15 Nov 2016)
Brad Smith, Civilian. (Passed 20 Dec 1996)
Dora Lee Driggers Smith, Civilian. (Passed 05 Aug 2004)
Raymond E. Ray" Smith, Civilian. (Passed 25 Oct 2006)
James A. Snyder, Military. (Passed 1983)
Harold Staley (Delores Staley's Husband). (Passed 1998)
William P. Stephens (Myrna Stephens' husband), Civilian. (Passed Mar 1999)
Barbara Fullwood Stout, Civilian. (Passed Oct 2000)
Bob Stripling, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Dorothy Sturkie, Civilian. (Passed Date Unknown)
Roberto "Sonny" Suniga, Civilian. (Passed Apr 1999)
James G. (Jim) Sykes, Lockheed. (Passed 20 Nov 1991)
Frederick Boyd Taylor, Lockheed. (Passed 10 Aug 2008)
Rex L. Thomas, Sr., Civilian. (Passed 17 Jun 2005)
Reuben "Tommy" Thornton, Lockheed. (Passed Date Unknown)
Herbert "Herb" G. Thylin, Lockheed. (Passed 11 May 2008)
LT(JG) Gary M. Trammell, Sr., Military (Retired). (Passed 27 Oct 2007)
CPO James E. Trick, Military (Retired). (Passed 30 Dec 2002)
David Lane Unwin, Civilian. (Passed 22 Dec 2010)
David B. Vail, Civilian. (Passed 19 Jul 2004)
Walt Vermon, Civilian. (Passed 1987 or 1988)
John Henry Veyera, Civilian. (Passed 08 Apr 2008)
Norman T. Vorwerk, Lockheed. (Passed 23 Jul 2004)
Robert J. "Bob" Wallace, Lockheed. (Passed 26 Sep 2012)
Hugh E. Waller, Jr., Lockheed. (Passed 04 May 2008)
Richard S. Waters, Lockheed. (Passed 13 March 2008)
Cathy P. Waymyers, (Peterson President's Daughter). (Passed 23 Feb 2006)
ETCS Ivan E. Weich, Military. (Passed 08 Mar 2000)
Haskett Wilburn, Civilian. (Passed 22 Oct 2008)
Charles "Chuck" J. T. Wilson, Civilian. (Passed 28 Dec 2016)
Richard "Dick" E. Wilson, Lockheed. (Passed 08 Feb 2012)
Frank Wood, Civilian. (Passed 24 Dec 2004)
Curtis Clyde Yant, Jr., Civilian. (Passed 29 Oct 2005)
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NOTE: Let us honor our friends who have passed on.

To be added to the "Honoring Those Who Served and Passed On" list. E-mail Thunderer. Include whether those who passed on were military (include rank/rate), civilian, contractor (which one) or any or all; dates served; and date of death.

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